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Andy Frisella Wiki 2021: Age, Net Worth, Career and Full Bio

Andy Frisella (born 29 September 1984) is a businessman, entrepreneur, podcaster, and motivational speaker who is popular for being the CEO of Phorm International.

He started to do business from a young age and wanted to be a millionaire. It was all about money for Andy Frisella ever since he was young.

Today is one of the most popular billionaires with over 100 million net worth in 2021. He is also equally popular on social media with over 1.5 million followers altogether.

Andy is also a podcaster and the host of one of the most popular podcast show called MFCEO where he provides guidelines and suggestions to aspiring new entrepreneurs.

Andy Frisella

Quick Bio

Real Name Andrew Frisella
Nick Name Andy
Gender Male
Date of Birth 29 September 1984
Birth Place The United States of America
Age 36 years old
Birth Sign Leo
Nationality American
Profession Entrepreneur
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Net Worth $110 million

Early Life

Andy was born in the USA but he has not revealed the exact location where he was born. During his childhood days, Andy was overweight and shy. He used to get teased and bullied for being fat and introverted.

Andy was disappointed when his own teacher marked him as a failure and did not believe if he would be successful n life. However, his father always encouraged him and motivated him.

His father trained him to become a businessman and helped him grow up as a businessman. Andy joined Missouri State University after completing his school life but started his own supplement business when he was in high school.

That business changed the life of Andy as he finally was able to master the trick of business. He was also able to create a nutrition and supplement chart for people suffering from overweight and help people who get bullied just like he was in his childhood.


Andy was not good in his studies and consistently used to get low marks to a point where his teachers ruled him of being successful.

He started a hang of business since he was in high school. He used to sell lemonade, trade basketball cards, sell light bulbs, snow cones, etc to earn money.

After being successful in selling some items and earning some money, he decided he would be an entrepreneur and businessman and started to work to achieve that goal.

Andy was very passionate about gym and fitness due to being overweight. He was constantly bullied for his weight so he knew the importance of looking fit and a healthy life.

Supplement Business

He and his high school friend Chris Klein finally got an opportunity to open a supplement store. In 1999, with the help of his father’s investment, Andy and his friend opened a store in Springfield Missouri.

However, the challenge of running a business was far difficult than he ever thought it would be. They barely made $500 a day from the supplement business.

However, determined Andy was not ready to quit so he did some other side jobs like painting, babysitting to start making money to invest in his business and pay rent of business properties.

He finally learned the service importance of the business and within the next three years building the brand of his business. The business started blooming and within the next five years, they built a branch of their business in various parts of the country.

He also purchased various supplement chains that were out of business and now Andy Frisella had 30 branches from his first business location.

These branches were now called Supplement Stores Paradise Distribution and are now regarded as one of the most popular Supplement Chain Producers and distributors.

Andy Frisella

First Phorm International

In 2009, Andy and his business partners decided to produce their own products. They named the company First Phorm International which would benefit the health and fitness industry in the long term.

The company became popular when they were able to sell supplements twice cheap as the market price. Today First Phorm International is one of the leading brands n supplement production and distribution.

FIrst Phorm International has a net worth of over 175 million dollars in the market.


In 2015, Andy along with his friends wanted to introduce and aware people of the benefits of supplements and their side effects along with the core value needed to be an entrepreneur.

They started a podcast called MFCEO Project Podcast. The podcast was started in 2015 and going strong until now. His podcast constantly gets no 1.

Andy also has another podcast called Real AF Podcast.

Personal Information

Andy Frisella stands at the height of 5 ft 9 inches tall and weighs about 95 kg. He has dark brown color hair and his eyes color are also dark brown.

His zodiac sign is Leo. Andy is American regarding nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. He has not revealed his religion as of yet.

Andy’s hobbies are playing video games, traveling, speaking, and motivating people. He actively involves in providing motivation to the people who are depressed.

Andy Frisella


Andy Frisella has been long time married to his wife Emily Frisella. Emily is also a businesswoman and supports Andy in his business.

His wife Emily is also a cookbook author who has won the Amazon best-selling award as well as an award-winning chef.

Emily was with Andy before he was a multi-millionaire and supported him all the way through his life. Andy has revealed Emily was the one who made him confident and not feels insecure about his overweight.

Andy has not revealed if there was any woman who he has dated besides his wife. The couple also does not have a child and has not revealed their plans of having one.


Andy Frisella has not revealed the name of his parents but he has given credit to his success to his parents and his wife regularly.

His father used to motivate him and helped him off getting bullied because of his weight and helped with his depression. Andy has not revealed the career path of his parents.

Regarding siblings, Andy has a brother named Sal Frisella who is also a Vp of 1st Phorm International. He and Andy have taken supplement business to next level and have a net worth of over 100 million dollars.

Net Worth

Andy Frisella

Andy Frisella is one of the most influential and popular entrepreneurs, book authors, podcaster,s and motivational speaker in the modern time.

He is mainly recognized as CEO of one of the popular fitness brand group 1st Phorm International and Supplement suppliers called Paradise distribution.

Not only that Andy also owns many other companies in relation to fitness and gym supplements.  His primary source of income is from his business but he also hosts a podcast called MFCEO which is also branded by various companies.

Andy Frisella has a net worth of approximately $110 million as of 2021.


  • Andy Frisella is the CEO of Paradise distribution and First Phorm International.
  • He used to get bullied for his overweight during his school days.
  • Andy started doing business since 19 years old.
  • His wife’s name is Emily Frisella and his brother is Sal Frisella.
  • Andy started the supplement business when he was in high school.
  • He doesn’t have any kids as of 2021.
  • Andy Frisella has a net worth of over 100 million in late 2020.




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