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Anna Bey Wiki 2021: Marriage, Age, Podcast and Full Bio

Who is Anna Bey?

Anna Bey (born on 1986, March 29) is a Swedish entrepreneur and luxury lifestyle influencer.

She has also collaborated with fashion and beauty brands through online finishing School of Affluence and her blog jetsetbabe.com.

Anna Bey Gif

Anna is popular for her comments regarding relationships, marriages and women’s health, and mental health care. She is also really popular because of her past where she has struggled and has been abused.

Anna has also come into a lot of controversies by claiming women as sex objects and objectifying them. She has become a lot popular on social media with over 500,000 followers worldwide.

Anna also has her own podcast available on google and Apple platforms.

Anna Bey Facts


Quick Bio

Real Name Anna Bey
Nick Name Anna
Gender Female
Date of Birth born on 1986, March 29
Birth Place Stockholm, Sweden
Age 34 years old
Birth Sign Aries
Nationality Swedish
Profession Entrepreneur
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Black
Net Worth $1 Million

Early Life

Where was Anna Bey born?

Anna Bey was raised in Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. When she graduated high school, she left her country to discover the world and to have the greatest adventures of her life.

While growing up, She lived in 8 different countries.

Anna Bey


Why was Anna Bey famous for?

Anna Bey created the jetsetbabe.com blog in the year 2012, wanting to share her experience with high society.

The blog grew to become a large community for anyone interested in a luxury lifestyle and having a self-transformation.

Anna used to share her affluent world on how to be an elegant woman in her blog as she spent the last decade traveling the world and rubbing shoulders with the rich.

That was the reason she created the School of Affluence, to be able to pass on this knowledge. She even had several interviews where she shares her lifestyle.

Anna Bey


Anna Bey have released her podcast in September 2020. Her podcast name is Anna Bey Podcast. In the podcast, she shares the stories about her struggles and how she overcame them to achieve success.

The podcast is 15 episodes long. Anna as well as other guests cover various topics mostly related to women and the health, mental health, and other aspects of struggling women.

Anna Bey Podcast can be heard on Apple sources, Google Sources, and Spotify.


What are the most-watched Anna Bey videos?

Anna Bey also started to do YouTube videos after her business started to blossom. She started to share videos from 2019. Her first video was titled “Should Men Pay For a Relationship”?

Anna’s videos quickly started to gain more attention and she quickly started to gain more and more views and more subscribers. Her second video was titled “How My Luxury Lifestyle Related”.

The video became one of the most popular videos of her YouTube career. She got over 900,000 views on her second video.

Anna Bey’s most-watched video was titled “10 Things Elegant Ladies Never Wear”  which got over 5 million views and the other video titled ” 10 Ways To Look Expensive of a Budget” got over 2 million views.

Personal Information

What is the height of Anna Bey?

Anna Bey stands at the height of 7 feet tall and weighs about 86 kg. She has black color eyes and blonde color hair.

Anna Bey’s nationality is British. Anna got a diploma in International Etiquette and Protocol. She is a certified Image consultant and matchmaker. Her zodiac sign is Aries.


Who is Anna Bey dating now?

She has been in a relationship with few men in her past and we are sorry to inform you that we don’t have any information on them but currently she is married.

They got married in Switzerland during the pandemic. We don’t have any information on him either. Anna also has not revealed If she has any child or not.

She has not posted much about her husband or about her child on her social media or on the Internet.

In one interview she said that she became accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle after meeting a wealthy man in Italy at the age of 18.

Anna Bey and Her Husband


We don’t have any information on her family members neither about her husband. We know that she got married in Switzerland during the pandemic.

However, regarding her family, she has not opened and revealed their identities to anyone as well. She also has not confirmed if she has any siblings or not.


Why is Anna Bey gating so much hate?

There was a lot of controversy about Anna’s blog, as one of the hosts said that she is providing negativity to the young woman.

Ruth said that today’s society is about independence, women are still fighting to get their equal rights and in such time Anna is providing negative messages about depending on a guy for their lifestyle which is wrong.

Anna said that she even teaches women to be independent and clever. According to her, men have long seen women as sex objects so why can’t women treat men like a wallet?

She is teaching her followers how to date a billionaire and how to be classy or how do rich people behave?

Many people don’t like her words or her way of teaching all these things.

They think that it is providing a negative message to the young woman in this generation where women still fight for their rights and independence, where Anna is teaching them to be dependent to have a rich lifestyle.

Net Worth

What is the net worth of Anna Bey?

Anna Bey is a popular social media influencer, beauty expert, and entrepreneur who is popular for her involvement in the Online School of Affluence and Jetsetbabe.com website.

She has influenced countless women all over the world to be strong and to stand her ground. Anna also runs her own podcast educating people all over the world.

Due to her popularity, Anna has earned quite a fortune. Her main source of income is from her career as an expert and her social media ads. Anna also earns from the popularity of her podcasts.

Although she has not revealed her salary her monthly income currently, Anna Bey has a net worth estimated to be $1 million as of 2021.

Anna Bey


  • Anna Bey is currently 35 years old.
  • She has a lot of controversies as many people don’t like her way of thinking.
  • Anna left her house and her country after completing high school to get the greatest adventure of her life.
  • She got married during the pandemic.


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