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Bill de Blasio Wiki 2021 : Age, Height, Career, Relationship, NetWorth, Trivia, Video, and Bio Details

Who is Bill De Blasio?

What is Bill de Blasio’s real name?

Bill de Blasio’s birth name is Warren Wilhelm Jr. whereas he was well recognized with his professional name Bill de Blasio.

Additionally, Bill de Blasio is an American most renowned and prominent Politician who is serving as an American government employee.

Furthermore, De Blasio has begun his career in American politics with the official representation of the 39th district in Brooklyn in 2001.

Because of his impressive project performance, Blasio has served the 39th  district in Brooklyn from 2002 to 2009.

Similarly, Since 2013, Blasio is best known as the 109th mayor of New York City, U.S.

Bill De Blasio is an Italian American because of this He has expressed his Italian pride and interest in politics through his speech and act.

In addition, During his tenureship period, De Blasio has always prioritized improvement in:

  • The education system
  • Housing management of New York
  • Tax management
  • Development of technology and Innovation.
  • Protection laws for transgender

Bill De Blasio

Quick Bio

Real Name Warren Wilhelm Jr.
Nick Name Bill de Blasio
Gender Male
Date of Birth May 8, 1961
Birth Place Manhattan, New York City, U.S.
Age 60 years old
Birth Sign Taurus
Nationality American
Profession Politician
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Light brown
Net Worth $2 million- $3 million

Early Life 

Bill De Blasio

Bill de Blasio was born to Maria Angela and Warren Wilhelm on May 8, 1961, in Manhattan.

Additionally, Blasio is the third son in his family and he was raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts along with his siblings.

Therefore, His two elder brothers named, Steven and Donald.

Similarly, Blasio’s parents are of mixed ethnic-cultural backgrounds.

Because, His father is of German, English, and French ethnicity whereas his mother has Italian ethnicity.

Speaking about his education, He has graduated from Cambridge Ridge and Latin School.

Similarly, Blasio has completed his bachelor’s from New York University (BA) and master’s degree from Columbia University(MIA).

His birth name was Warren Wilhelm jr. later in 2001 he changed it into Bill de Blasio.

To express his respect toward his father and elder members of the family.

However, Before Bill de Blasio he has changed his name to Warren de Blasio- Wilhelm in 1983.

In addition, Speaking about Blasio’s parent’s profession, his mother Maria de Blasio has worked for the Office of War Information.

Similarly, His father has served Time magazine as editor and he was also one of the active civil workers during World War 2.

However, Blasio has lost his father he was at the age of 18 and it has been mention that Warren Wilhelm has committed suicide.

Therefore, Mother Maria Angela including her birth family has taken care of her three children.


Bill De Blasio

From the beginning of Bill de Blasio’s career, he has served the American government in every possible way.

Therefore, Blasio’s first job of his life was with the New York City Department of Juvenile Justice, New York 1984.

Within the completion of Blasio’s study in 1987 Quixote Center (social justice group) in Maryland hired Him for the position of political organizer.

Later, After moving to New York City, Blasio continues his work in a non-profit organization with the motive of improving Central American healthcare.

Along with his work for the welfare of public citizens, Blasio has always supported the Sandinistas political party as he finds following party promising.

Hence, During the period Blasio has begun his involvement in the Nicaragua Solidarity Network of Greater New York.

In 1989, Blasio enter city politics as volunteer coordinator for an American politician and Lawyer David Dinkins’ mayoral campaign.

Similarly, In 1994 Blasio has appeared as the campaign manager for U.S politician Charles Rangel.

Following 1997, He has served the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development.

In addition, In 1999, Blasio has served Brooklyn School District 15 as a schools board member whereas he has worked for Hillary Clinton as campaign manager.

From 2002 to 2009

Bill De Blasio

Furthermore, De Blasio has begun his career in American politics with the official representation of the 39th district in Brooklyn in 2001.

Following his impressive work, he has owned the 39th district, Brooklyn election in 2002 and 2005.

In addition, During his tenureship, Blasio has executed proper and beneficial welfare activities such as:

  • Establish managed Housing Service Law
  • Prioritizing Housing Service for HIV/AIDS living
  • Protection law for transgender New Yorkers
  • Execute laws regarding Gender-Based discrimination
  • Education and Language translation for migrants and non-English users

Therefore, During his tenureship, Blasio has emphasized prioritizing education, environmental protection, level up the financial status of the public, and other important aspects.

From 2010 to 2013

Bill De Blasio

Additionally, Blasio has own 2009 September Democratic primary election and on November 3 general election.

Whereas, On January 1, 2010, Bill de Blasio began his service as New York City’s third Public Advocate.

During that period, He mentioned unmanaged education and homelessness policies disgust him through his speech.

Similarly, During his tenureship, Blasio continue his project of managed housing plans, financial aids, and education.

From 2013 and Present

Bill De Blasio

Following Blasio’s career in politics, He has reached an extreme level of popularity because of his tenureship projects.

Since 2001, Blasio has continued his journey to serve as a government employee for the welfare of public citizens.

Based on his tenureship, Blasio has provided possible support to needed people.

Along with his pre projected plans Blasio has executed new and suitable policies regarding tax payment.

Similarly, During COVID-19 circumstances, Blasio has openly spoken about the cause and effect of the disease.

In addition, Blasio has also encouraged people to get vaccinated and live their normal life as usual by the following major precaution procedures.

Personal Details Of De Blasio 

Bill De Blasio

How tall is Bill de Blasio? and How much does Bill de Blasio weigh?

Bill de Blasio stands at the height of 6 ft 5″ whereas his weight is around 80 kg (176 lbs).

Similarly, de Blasio with reliable, patient, and responsible personality traits shares the Taurus zodiac sign with earth elements.

Additionally, Blasio looks gentle with his light brown colored eyes and according to his age, he has grey-colored hair.

What is the current age of Bill de Blasio? and Which religion does he follows?

Bill de Blasio’s current age is 60 years old because he celebrates his birthday on May 8.

Additionally, Blasio follows spiritual beliefs and values whereas he has to follow any individual religion.

Speaking about his ethnicity, he belongs to a mixed ethnic-cultural background because of his parent’s mixed ethnicity.

Relationship Of Bill De Blasio

Bill De Blasio

Who is Bill De Blasio married to? and Does Bill De Blasio has children?

Additionally, Speaking about his relationship Blasio is a married person and He was married to Chirlane McCray in 1994.

Similarly, Chirlane McCray is an American famous writer, editor, and social activist.

Bill de Blasio has two children with his wife Chirlane McCray.

Furthermore, there is no more discussion found on social media regarding his relationship with his family.

Whereas, Blasio has mentioned that he is satisfied with his life as he has served his nation with good intentions.

Following his life analysis, he has not been in any marital affairs and past relationship history.


Bill De Blasio

What is the net worth of Bill de Blasio?

Additionally, The net worth of Bill de Blasio is approximately $2 million to $3 million.

Bill de Blasio has succeeded to collect such wealth from his career job as a politician.

During Blasio’s career period, including his project execution, he has endorsed the 2020 Democratic party presidential primaries.

Similarly, Blasio’s beloved wife Chirlane McCray has her own income source as a result he has strong financial support too.

Furthermore, De Blasio has continued his commendable political profession because of his practical and devoted personality traits.

Therefore, It has been estimated that Bill de Blasio has determined to gather more fortune in the coming days of his career.


Bill De Blasio

  • Additionally, Blasio has 135k followers in his official Instagram account @nycmayor.
  • Whereas, He has followed 51 Instagram account as of 2021.
  • Similarly, Bill de Blasio has 1.5 million followers under his Twitter account @Mayor Bill de Blasio.
  • And he has followed the 1367 Twitter account.
  • Furthermore, After Blasio married his wife Chirlane McCray they settle in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
  • However, Currently, They lived in Gracie Mansion.

Bill De Blasio


Image Credit: @nycmayor

Video Credit: @NYC Mayor’s Office



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