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Boz Mofid Height, Net Worth, Stats and Full Wiki 2021

Bozanfik Mofid (born 1964, March 28) is an entrepreneur and gymnast himself. Although his four sons are more famous, he is also no less than that.

Everybody is well known about the twin you tuber Lucas and Marcus Dobre who is famous for posting fun prank videos on their YouTube channel. He is the father of the twins.

He has two more sons who are also famous for their YouTube videos.

They have their family YouTube channel where they post stuff like pranking one of their members or surprising them.

In short, they are very popular families because of the YouTube videos they post which have millions of subscribers.

Currently, Boz has over 1 million subscribers on his social media platform altogether.

Boz Mofid

Quick Bio

Real Name Bozanfik Mofid
Nick Name Boz
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1964, March 28
Birth Place Iran
Age 56 years old
Birth Sign Aries
Nationality Iranian
Profession Entrepreneur, Gymnast
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Net Worth $6 million

Early Life

Boz was born in Iran, spending most of his childhood with his family and siblings. His early life was pretty simple and fun.

His family was very supportive of whatever their children do. He and his siblings both have enough freedom to choose any career path that they wanted.

His almost every need was being full filled by his parents so there was not any kind of sacrifice or struggle in his childhood days. Therefore, he spends his childhood normally and happily.

Boz had attended his schooling and completed his high school in Iran. From a small age, he was very focused and serious about having a good and decent body.


This is a matter of great pride if any person gets the fame of being a father. His children might have been more famous but Boz himself has no short of making it large in front of huge fans.

He is a gymnast freak who made a career in bodybuilding. Boz was a regular member of the Iranian national team as a gymnast.

Not only the gym work but he is also an entrepreneur and also a founder of Fit n Fun gym, which was a great success with time.

This gym got a lot of success after the start. Not only that, but his twin sons are making a huge success through various social media platforms.

Not only that, this man has been sharing his spark not only in Iran but also in the United States. The gym which is named Dobre is run under his control. To make it easier for the customers they have a website for it too.

Boz Mofid

Personal Information

Boz stands at the height of 5ft. 6 inches with a bodyweight of 71 kg. He has a brown eye color and his hair color is black. His zodiac sign is Aries.

Boz is Iranian regarding nationality and belongs to Persian ethnicity. He loves spending time in the gym and is a gymnast.

Boz was very serious about having an amazing body from an early age. He has his own gym which earns a lot of money and also plays a great role in bodybuilding and fitness.

Boz Mofid also has various interests and hobbies. He likes to travel, go trekking and swim a lot. As we have mentioned he is a gym fanatic, Boz regularly keeps himself fit and eats healthy.

He does not like to smoke or eat any unhealthy food. Boz is also extremely fond of photography and posting his photos on social media.


Not only handsome he is also a well-toned bodybuilder. He is married twice in his life. From, both the marriage he has four children in total.

His first wife’s name was Oksana Omelienchik with whom he married way back. We don’t have any idea where the event took place. But the marriage did not last long.

After the divorce from his first wife, Boz found Aurelia Dobre and they got married. Aurelia Dobre is also a world champion gymnast and the bonding between them is very adorable.

They got married in November 1992 and all the families and friends were called to the wedding. There is no rift between the couple, and we all feel that they are made for an external period.


Currently, there is no information about Boz’s parents or his siblings. The only thing we know is his parents and siblings supported him always.

He and his siblings had a pretty decent life in the past. He was married to a woman which didn’t last long after his divorce he met Aurelia Dobre who is also a gymnast.

There were lots of common things between them and they have a very 1992. They have four sons named Cyrus (the oldest) then Darius and twins named Lucas and Marcus.

They even have a daughter named Demi Adriano. We don’t have enough information about their daughter right now.

The only thing we know is she is also a gymnast and has a YouTube channel. His all four sons are also pretty popular because of their YouTube videos which have millions of views.

Boz Mofid

Net Worth

If you know or if you are a part of a national team in gymnastics well, not only fame but fortune comes to an individual with ease.

Also, Mofid has done his bits by being an entrepreneur and adding the sum. This man makes money estimated at around $6 million as of 2020.

His net worth is not really a surprise because his gym ‘Fit n Fun’ has done a lot of good things or we simply say wonders in the field of bodybuilding. He is living a lavish lifestyle in Maryland, the USA with his family.


  • Boz is not so much active on Instagram but still has 193K followers.
  • He is the father of the famous twin you tuber Lucas and Marcus Dobre.
  • Boz is a fitness freak since an early age.
  • He was in the Iranian national team gymnast.
  • Boz also married Olympic gymnast Aurelia Dobre and has four sons in total.
  • His net worth is $6 million as of 2021.




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