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Casey Frey Age, Net Worth, Career, Relationship and Full Bio

Who is Casey Frey?

Casey Frey (born June 23, 1993) is a popular American TikTok star, dancer, and comedian. He started his career journey from Vine by releasing comedy skits and parody videos.

Casey is currently 27 years old social media star who is making his fans and audiences all around the world smile with his comedy videos. He first made dancing videos and magic videos when he started.

Later he changed his content to make it more creative so he added dance and drama. Within days he started to go viral all over the internet. Casey is followed worldwide and has amassed mega social media fans and audiences.

He has stood out among many other TikTok stars and social media followers because of his exceptional creative mind and talent.

Currently, Casey Frey has a social media following of over 5 million worldwide.

Casey Frey

Quick Bio

Real Name Casey Frey
Nick Name Casey
Gender Male
Date of Birth born June 23, 1993
Birth Place Mendocino Country, Los Angeles, California
Age 27 years old
Birth Sign Cancer
Nationality American
Profession TikTok Star
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Net Worth $1 Million

Early Life

Where was Casey Frey born? Casey Frey was born in Mendocino Country, Los Angeles, California. Growing up Casey was really talented in extra activities but was not interested in studying.

Casey was extremely fond of dancing and singing. He also loved acting and performed on big stages during his school and college career. Casey joined the School of Performing Arts and Cultural Education to hone his skill in dancing and acting.

He was also equally passionate about making videos since he was a kid. Casey and his brothers used to make dancing and acting parody videos growing up with the help of their cousins.

After getting some positive reactions from their parents and friends they continued making videos on Vine. His career as a social media star started after posting numerous videos on TikTok and then all of a sudden one of them became viral.

Casey Frey


What is Casey Frey popular for? Casey started his career as a Vine comedian. He used to share short clips of funny dancing or acting parody videos when he started. Casey got quite a little reaction initially but gradually his fan base started to grow more and more.

He had over 250,000 followers on Vine before it got removed. However, his motivation and courage were not affected so he continued to make videos on a new streaming app called TikTok.

Casey Frey started making TikTok videos in 2018. His reputation from Vine was still on the internet which is why his first TikTok videos quickly started to go Viral.

Casey’s Tik Tok video of parody and lip-syncing song of “GOMF” by Dvbbs became a massively viral video.

The video got over 5 million views and kickstarted the TikTok career of Casey Frey. After the video, Casey Frey consistently got over 1 million views in most of his TikTok videos.

He also collaborated with many other popular TikTok superstars such as Charlie D Amelio to make amazing, popular videos.


Casey Frey started his YouTube channel in 2012 after starting to gain some views in TikTok and Vine. His first video was titled “Insane Skrillex Dubstep Freestyle Remix”. The video clearly shows his insane dance skills and techniques which he is so talented on.

Casey got  50,000 views on his first YouTube video, which improved his reputation on YouTube media. He consistently and constantly uploaded YouTube videos for 9 years constantly which grew his YouTube views and subscribers all around the world.

In his first YouTube career days, Casey shared his dance and parody YouTube videos. He used to dance in various different ways Dubstep, Hip-Hop dance, Electronic Freestyle Dance, etc.

His most-watched video is titled “Get tf out my way the way” which is a parody dancing skill video. The video got viral instantly and got over 7 million views to date. Casey Free also uploaded the video titled “Balling with bros” with over 3 million views to date.

After coming a long way in the YouTube career, Casey has changed a lot from his first video. He has become quite creative and confident and used his skill of dancing and singing on his videos which have helped him amassed a massive fan following.

Currently, Casey Frey has just over 380,000 subscribers to date.

Casey Frey

Personal Information

What is the height of Casey Frey? Casey Frey has a height of 5 ft 6 inches tall and weighs about 70 kg. Frey’s zodiac sign is Cancer. Casey’s hair color is black and his eyes color is brown.

Casey Frey is American regarding nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. He has not revealed which religion he follows actually.

Other than making videos and dancing, Casey Frey also loves to go to the theatre and perform on it. He also likes reading books, and photography as well as travel around the world.


Who is Casey Frey dating now? Casey Frey is single at the moment because he has not revealed any information about his love life and dating life.

He also has not shared any pictures on his social media which can imply he is in a relationship with anyone at the moment. Many of his fans think he is gay but Casey himself has not revealed his sexual instance to date.

After being famous for so much, Casey has not revealed if he is in a relationship which shows he likes to be really private on his lifestyle.

Currently, Casey is single and not engaged, married, or has any child.


Casey Frey’s parents are referred to as Mr. Frey and Mrs. Frey. They regularly appear on his social media and TikTok videos for his help.

Regarding siblings, Casey Frey also has two brothers and a sister. They also regularly feature on Casey’s social media and YouTube videos and TikTok videos.

Net Worth

What is the net worth of Casey Frey? Casey Frey is a very popular TikTok star, YouTuber, and social media figure. He has over 5 million social media fans on all of his platforms to date.

Currently, Casey Frey has a net worth of approximately $1 million as of 2021.

Casey Frey


  • Casey Frey was born in Los Angeles, California.
  • He started his career by making Vine videos and later changing into TikTok.
  • Casey has over 5 million social media followers worldwide.
  • He regularly features his parents and siblings on his TikTok and Instagram videos.
  • Casey Frey has a net worth of approximately $1 million as of 2021.






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