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Charlie Blythe Wiki 2021: Age, Parents, Videos, Net Worth and Full Bio

Who is Charlie Blythe?

Charlie Blythe

Charlie Blythe is an American performer who blew on TikTok due to one of her mad confessions about her privileged upbringing.

Blythe’s viral confession has over 10 million views and also increased her followers up to 109.2K.

Charlie actually replied to one of the movie requests from a different TikTok follower.  She regularly talks about her very rich and insane wealthy family.

Charlie’s actual life showed a life filled with play, extravagance, puzzles, and paranoia.

Apart from being a social media personality, she is also a singer and her stage name is Ansonia.

Due to her extraordinary life story and her complicated persona, she is very popular on social media. Currently, she has just over 250,000 social media followers worldwide.

Quick Bio

Real Name Charlie Blythe
Nick Name N/A
Gender Male
Date of Birth N/A
Birth Place N/A
Age N/A
Birth Sign N/A
Nationality American
Profession TikTok Star
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Net Worth $100,000

Early Life

Where Was Charlie Blythe born?

There is no proper information regarding her birthplace her where she was raised.

Charlie has lived a very privileged life.

All she ever had to do to find anything in the supermarket was just write down what she wanted for her or for anyone on a notepad which was left for her and also ever-present from the kitchen.

Blythe even disclosed that her daddy could not repeat a 30-minute business flight from Nantucket to Boston as she explained.

She even said that when one time she and her father were on a 30-minute business flight from Boston to Nantucket.

While her father also hated commercial flying very much, also regardless of the fact that country police officers helped them to get it through finally.

He then had the personal airplane for them at Nantucket to again deliver them back into Boston.


According to her bio on her social media, she wrote that she usually makes music and just annoys her cat.

She and she even asks her various fans to check out her new single named, ‘Toothache’.

The TikTok star usually uploads different videos playing and admiring her cat. We can even say that she is an amid cat lover.

You can also find her music on Spotify and infrequently on her TikTok account.

Asking people to be kind

Charlie received over 8 million views, which is huge, on her ‘Insane rich person behavior’ video.

However, there were some users who started making some very unkind and hurtful comments towards Charlie and her upbringing.

Charlie even made a brand new video saying that she became very overwhelmed by all the comments people were making and commenting on her profile.

Some of the users even started posting her personal information to which she blamed herself and said that, “I guess I asked for it”

The video she again made is captioned as, “Hi I’m just a person please be kind” which also get over 1 million views as well.

There is not much actual information about what she actually does for a living and what her career goals are. However, she likes to call herself a singer and a very popular TikTok star.

Charlie Blythe

Personal Information

What is the height of Charlie Blythe?

We actually don’t have any personal information about her except for the fact that her nationality is American.

However, her persona is of a very confident person, and likes to speak her mind a lot. But this has often led to her becoming a victim of abuse and impolite messages and comments.

We will try to inform you as soon as we find some information about her.


Who is Charlie Blythe dating now?

We don’t have any information about her kind of romantic relationship. It seems she is currently single since she has not revealed anything about her boyfriend.

On her social media as well, there are not many photos of any boys who she claimed to be a boyfriend

We will inform you as soon as we find something about her relationship. However, as of 2021, Charlie Blythe is not engaged, married, and does not have any kids as well.


Charlie Blythe’s narrative about her super-rich divorced parents delivered lovers on a mission to define her real identity.

Her first ever revelation was that her family home was so huge that she is obligated to use an intercom system to inform her daddy that the dinner was ready.

Charlie’s every lunch and dinner was prepared by a personal chef and was already prepared.

Her family residence always had at least seven workers at one time, which includes security guards too.

Charlie’s parents’ divorce complex her own life a lot as she also cannot keep proper tabs on her panties from the four homes she had been made to reside in.

The divorce of her parents attracted a lot of attention in the household.

She even said that her parent’s divorce created the facts, which also called her mother a gold digger, and also the remarks were filled with some of the guys counting the years before she turns 18 years old.

Charlie also appeared with the supporters to avoid posting different hateful remarks and also to abstain from submitting some of her very private advice which is related to her.

Unfortunately, Charlie’s viral movie on TikTok attracted adequately of negativity from lovers who also teased her privileged upbringing.

Some of her fans also discovered her last name along with her parent’s individuality.

After that, it forced Charlie to flip remarks on the wealthy person behavior’ of the video from TikTok.

Charlie Blythe

Social Media

As per her social media accounts, she is quite popular in TikTok as she has over 174.2K followers.

Despite her popularity on TikTok, she has only 3,257 Instagram followers and it seems like she doesn’t use her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Net Worth

What is the net worth of Chalie Blythe?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about her net worth either. All we know is she is from a super-privileged family and had a super privileged upbringing.

However, It is assumed Charlie’s net worth is approximately $100,000 as of 2021.

Charlie Blythe


  • Charlie was brought by a super-rich family.
  • We don’t really have any information about her parents or family.
  • Charlie went viral when she confessed about her super-rich and luxurious upbringing.
  • She is a musical artist and makes music.


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