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Chxpo Wiki 2021: Age, Net Worth, Career and Full Bio

Who is Chxpo?

Chxpo (born 1996, February 14) is a famous rapper. Chxpo is a well-known rapper from Cleveland. He became popular among many fans for his Cookin Yams record.

He even has released over 20 mixtapes, including most notably Born Bloody. Chxpo created friction and beef between rapper SpaceGhostPurrp and A$AP Mob crew with his single “Cookin Yams.”

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Chxpo also became very popular when he started working alongside producer and director Cole Bennett in Lyrical Lemonade Production. He shot the video titled BVNDGXD which got him almost 2 million views.

Due to his popularity, Chxpo is widely popular on social media. He has almost 500,000 social media followers worldwide.

Chxpo facts


Quick Bio

Real Name Chxpo
Nick Name N/A
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1996, February 14
Birth Place Cleveland, Ohio
Age 24 years old
Birth Sign Aquarius
Nationality American
Profession Rapper and Musician
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million (Approx)

Early Life

Where was Chxpo born?

Chxpo was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Before gaining so much fame, he was a Black Money Boys member.

He has not shared much about his childhood life apart from he liked Rap and Hip-Hop. Chxpo started to freestyle and create mixtapes on streaming sites like Soundcloud when he was just a small artist.

Regarding education, Chxpo has not shared much about his school life or how much he has studied. He may be well educated or is drop out no one knows.



Chxpo is a professional rapper who loves his work. He is a very popular and successful rapper. Chxpo gained fame for his Cookin Yams Record.

He even has released 20 mixtapes, including the most popular Born Bloody. His career started when he founded Black Money Boys in 2016 with SpaceGhost Phurrp.

Chxpo and Spaceghost made a group of popular rappers and producers such as Loko Los, Taco El, Evil Haze, and Baby Gucci. They created signature trap beats and very different and distinguished sounds and music.

Despite the talent and popularity, Chxpo has the urge to battle and be very competitive which created friction among many rappers and musicians. He also has an extraordinary work ethic and drives to be a really successful rapper.


During 2016-17, he released from 15 to 20 mixtapes to showcase his skill and talent. Most of his mixtapes were released on SoundCloud which became an instant hit and viral. It increased the reputation of the rapper tenfold.

Chxpo also dissed rappers such as Playboy Carti and A$AP Jams in his single Cookin Yams which raised the conflict and beef between them.

Some of his most popular and biggest tracks are Emo Savage which featured Lil Priest and Slug Christ. and Born Bloody.

Personal Information

What is the height of Chxpo?

Chxpo stands at the height of 5ft. 10 inches tall and weighs about 85 kg. His nationality is American. His zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Chxpo has brown color eyes whereas his color is black however he dyes and colors it regularly. He has a face tattoo and beads and dreads in his hair.

Chxpo looks scary and has that gangster persona in him. We do not know how he is without a camera in front of him but he looks like an energetic, violent, and serious person in the music video of his songs.

Chxpo has not revealed what his hobbies and interest are and what he does in his spare time.


Who is Chxpo dating now?

We don’t have a lot of information about his relationship but we know that he is married to Slaylonie who is also a musical artist. They seem very much in love.

The couple continuously posts lovely and adorable photos and messages with each other. Slayoine is also a popular rapper most famous for her music such as Fallen Angel, Lalonde, etc.

Her real name is also Lalonie. She is very young and an expert in make-up and dress accessories. Chxpo and Lalonie have not revealed how and when they met and when they got married to each other.

They also do not have any children together to date. Chxpo is really private with his dating life so there is not much information regarding his love life apart from his wife.

We will update when there will enough and relevant information regarding his love life.

Chxpo and Slayloine


We don’t have any information about his parents but he is a married man. He got married on October 31, 2019, to Slaylonie who is also a musical artist and they seem very much in love.

Chxpo has not revealed who his parents are and how they raised him when he was just a little kid. He also has not revealed if he has any siblings or not.

Chxpo wants to keep all his family and relatives’ identities private and secretive from the media.

Similarly, he may be keeping the identity of his brother and sister private or he may not have any siblings, we will update you when relevant information becomes available.

Net Worth

What is the net worth of Chxpo?

Chxpo is a professional successful rapper who is originally from the United States. He has earned a lot of money and income from his primary career as a rapper and musician.

Chxpo is also earned handsomely from record deals, video ads, and brand deals from all around the world.

He has a net worth of approximately from $1 million to $5million as of 2021. Chxpo is a very popular rapper with a very large fan following on social media and outside the internet.

He has over 222K Instagram followers. A lot of people love him and his songs, the reason why he has so many fans. Since he is growing so rapidly and his fan following is increasing as well his net worth will be double next year.



  • Chxpo has a very good physique with a well-built body and a decent height.
  • He has even released 20 mixtapes, the most popular one is Born Bloody.
  • There is no dedicated Wikipedia page for Chxpo
  • Chxpo is married to rapper and model Slayloaine in 2019 but has no children.
  • Before being a successful rapper he was a member of a boy band named Black Money Boys.
  • He has more than 200K Instagram followers.
  • Chxpo has a net worth of approximately $5 million as of 2021.


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