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Clix Wiki 2021: Net Worth, Bio, Relationship

Clix (born January 7, 2005) is a popular gamer and streamer who is also a member of NRG E-sports gaming in America. His real name is Cody Conrod.

He is also known as NRG Clix. Clix is mostly popular for his tricks and shot in the massive gaming franchise Fortnite. His journey started in November 2017 when he first uploaded his Fortnite videos and has not looked back ever since.

Cody started getting popular after being selected for the Fortnite Annual World cup and did really well in the competition.

Now he has almost over 5 million followers all over social media. Despite the fame, Clix’s journey was not so easy and he also got into various controversies.

However, he is just 16 years old and is incredibly good in his professional career in gaming.


Quick Bio

Real Name Cody Conrod
Nick Name Clix
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 7, 2005
Birth Place Connecticut, USA
Age 16 years old
Birth Sign Capricorn
Nationality American
Profession Streamer
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Net Worth $2.5 million Approx

Early Life

Clix was born in Connecticut, New England. He has not shared much about his early life and how he grew up.

He is still in his school. Conor’s father first bought him a gaming PC but had to promise not to engage much in it. He also revealed he first started playing on his brother’s PC and his first game was Call of Duty Ghosts.

Clix has kept his early life really private. No one knows about his life as a child except his close friends and family.


Clix’s career started in November 2017, when he first shared his video of playing Fortnite on Twitch and YouTube. However, he only remained active on Twitch for the first year and started posting on YouTube a year later.

But he was not that famous earlier on and just like any E-sports player he started playing Fortnite competitively. He gained recognition when Conor got qualified for the Annual Fortnite World Cup in 2019.

Incidentally, he won the tournament and also won the competitive price of $60,000. That was his first tournament and he won the tournament which catapulted his reputation and he became significantly popular in the gaming and streaming industry.

After the tournament Clix signed with Misfits Gaming and a year later with a popular Esports company NRG sports. Today Clix is known as NRG Clix because he has represented them in various E-sports organizations.

In June 2019, he again became first in the 2019 NAE World Cup Qualifiers. In the same world cup, Clix won the price money of over $160,000 and also have qualified for the tournament 5 times already.


Social Media

After the popularity of his gaming career, Clix started gaining a reputation worldwide and his social media fan base started increasing a lot.  He also gained lots of views in his YouTube videos and his Instagram images.

Clix started posting videos on YouTube in early 2018. His first YouTube video was titled “Amazing Building Battle in Fortnite” which got over 145,000 views on YouTube.

His most-watched video is titled “Never change Clix with over 5 million views and similarly his video of winning $160,000 in Fortnite World Cup also has over 2 million views on YouTube.


Just like YouTube, Clix started getting massive recognitions on Instagram as well. Currently, Clix has over 2 million followers on his Instagram account.

Clix consistently shares pictures of his game footage, trick shots, his friends and family. He gets lots of likes and views on his Instagram page.

Personal Information

Clix stands at the height of 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs about 79 kg. He is currently just 16 years old. He has brown color hair and his hair color is also brown.

His zodiac sign is Capricorn. Clix likes to play outdoor sports as well as indoors. Clix played baseball and basketball when he was young.

Other than Fortnite, Clix’s hobbies are traveling, photography, and hanging out with friends.


Clix is currently single at the moment since he has not shared about his love life on interviews, media, or among his fans.

He is just 16 years old, so he may be focused on his professional career and his studies rather than his love life at the moment. However, Clix has frequently commented he has spent time with his girlfriend on his Twitter but has not shared pictures of his girlfriend.

Many fans believe he is just joking and he does not have any girlfriend at the moment. Until Clix shares a photo of his girlfriend himself that may be the case after all.


Clix aka Cody Conrod’s parents is divorced. His father’s name is Scott Conrod whereas he has not revealed anything about his mother along with her name to date.

However, he has shared on his social media he streams from his mother’s house and her internet is not so fast. Clix’s father was the one who bought his first gaming PC and his brother gave his first game being Call of Duty Ghosts.

Regarding siblings, he has an elder brother name, Trevor Conrod. Trevor is a fitness trainer in Lifeweight Fitness Health Club. Clix and Trevor have shared pictures of collaboration and their vacation together.


In Feb 2021, Clix was permanently banned from Twitch due to breaking community guidelines of adult material. Incidentally, he accidentally released adult photos during his stream.

He was also previously banned due to collaborating with fellow banned twitch members Zayn. In Twitch Community guidelines it is clearly stated that you cannot collaborate with banned members.

Net Worth

Clix is a worldwide renowned name in Fortnite and the gaming industry. He has won a lot of Fortnite competitions along with its World Cup.

Clix has generated a lot of money and cash from his career as a Fortnite gamer and streamer. He constantly shares photos of his amazing lifestyles, cars, and accessories.

Clix has a net worth of approximately $2.5 million as of 2021.



  • Clix is a popular Fortnite player and E-sports streamer from Connecticut.
  • His real name is Cody Conr0d.
  • Clix won Annual Fortnite World Cup in 2019.
  • He was recruited by  Misfits gaming and NRG Sports.
  • Clix has over 5 million followers on social media.
  • His net worth is approximately $2.5 million as of 2021.




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