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Cuban Doll Wiki 2021:Age, Career, Boyfriend, NetWorth, Controversy, Song list and Bio

Who is Cuban Doll?

Cuban Doll is an American Rapper, Instagram Model, and a seasoned entrepreneur. She is raising the true sensation of the music world. Cuban is succeeded to establish herself as a Female Rapper in a short period.

Cuban Doll

She takes rapper Chief Keef as her aspiration. As well as, She also hears out other rappers including “Queen of Rap” Nikki Minaj.

Furthermore, Cuban Doll released her first solo mixtape, Cuban Link in 2017 after that day she never looks back and now she is raising fame.

Quick Bio

Real Name Aaliyah Keef
Nick Name Cuban Doll
Gender Female
Date of Birth 12 May 1998
Birth Placke Dallas, Texas
Age 23 years
Birth Sign Taurus
Nationality American
Profession Rapper, Instagram Model, and Business owner
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Light Blue
Net Worth $1 million

Early Life 


Cuban Doll was born on 12 May 1998, in Dallas, Texas. At age 15, Cuban Doll raises herself alone as her mother was in jail. 

Hence, In one interview, she mentions that music has changed her life a lot and leads toward progress. Cuban is passionate about music at a young age, eventually, she decided to start her career in music. 

In addition, before she started her music life she was already getting fame through her social account Instagram under the name Cuban da Savage.


How did she start her career? Doll begins her career in Modeling though people are admiring her she is getting fans following, Cuban was not satisfied with her stage.

Cuban doll

 Also, In time she previews her song on the platform doll was already on, therefore, She previews her debut song on 13 November 2016 while the music video arrived one week later on youtube. 

 Thus, This Cuban Doll to associate with rappers like Molly Brazzy, Asian doll.

 Apart from this, The viral single ‘Rat Bitch’, from shorter mixtape Aaliyah Keef, bankrupt featuring ‘Lil Yachty and Lil Baby’ and ‘Bombby’ featuring ‘Lil  Wop and Cuban’ Doll are some of Cuban’s all-time hits.

Why she became famous on Instagram?

 Instagram modal Cuban, alert dressing style, and catchy hairstyle attract the audience’s attention and her active presence on social media made Doll famous.

Is Cuban Mom alive? No, Cuban mom is not alive, Rapper shared this news on her Instagram post. 

Personal Information

What height she is? Cuban Doll stands at a height of 5.2 ft (158cm). Cuban weight – Approximately, 56 kg.

Furthermore, her eyes are light blue eyes with black hair color but she colors them frequently in different shades. 

Hardworking rapper Cuban Doll Falls under the Taurus zodiac sign.

What is Cuban’s real Name? 

Cuban real name is ‘Aaliyah Keef’. As she likes to experiment with a different moniker like ‘Cuban doll’ and ‘Cuban Savage’.

Cuban’s Relationship Update

 As a media personality and raising stardom her life activities undoubtedly, pop out easily.

 To whom Cuban doll date?

Previously, she was in a relationship with Rapper Tado since 2018. Since that incident, They get apart after rapper Tado beats Cuban brutally and Cuban savage exposed him on Instagram live showing bruises all over her face.

Cuban dollCuban also dated American singer, rapper, and songwriter JayDaYoubgan indeed this love bird shares lots of drama on a public platform. 

 Did Cuban doll dump JayDaYoungan? 

Currently, in 2021 through her Twitter Cuban doll shared a hot topic, particularly claiming rapper JayDaYoungan is Gay. Cuban got to know this clearly when she goes through his phone. After this incident, they broke up. 

 Is Cuban is single? Yes, she is single after her breakup with JayDayoubgan in 2021.

Are Cuban doll and Asian doll still friends?

Cuban doll used to take Asian doll as her best friend, both grew up together and supported each other in their career. On contrary, they are not friends anymore however continue to bluff about each other. 

Cuban Life Controversy

Why does she get so much hate?

She is the most adore media personality with million followers on social media including Drake and Cardi B.

Alternatively, Cuban messed up things with rapper Rocky Badd’s work as a negative influence on followers. This all began when Rocky Badd accused Molly Brazy in her Diss Track.

In return, Molly Brazy also released a diss track on Badd. As Cuban and Molly are friends, therefore, Cuban doll released dis track on Rocky Badd.

Cuban doll

further, Rocky fights with Cuban, and because of this Cuban with her buddies Physically charge Rocky Badd.

Rocky Badd exposed Cuban showing wound on Instagram Live. in addition to this Cuban and her crew trick Rocky by staging a fake concert.

In conclusion, this act of rapper Cuban defame herself and gain hate from fans.

Why Jordon B hates Cuban?

Cuban used to be in relation with JayDayoungan. Besides this, she again surrounds herself with another controversy with her ex-boyfriend JayDayoungan’s baby mom Jordan B.

They got into a fight and later Jordon B shares this on Instagram live, resulting from lots of fan-supported baby moms Jordon B.

Consequently, She faces controversy time and again either because of her love life or short temper and bad attitude towards other artists.

Cuban Doll Tracklist

Cuban Doll

How many songs did she release? – till now 23 old rappers Cuban released more than 40 songs. Moreover, her tracklist includes the song as:

  • Cuban Link And Aaliyah Keef
  • Little Yatchy and Lil baby collaboration bankrupt2018
  • YBN assisted “Big chop”
  • Big talk with Mza1 and DJ Gutta Butta

with an immense amount of hard work, she rose her fame. Similarly, gets a lot of praise from followers. As a result, Cuban added that ‘she has overcome her shyness now she feels confident and more powerful.’

Again in 2021, Cubin released her new song ‘Too loud’ and ‘My Nigga 2’.

What does she express through her song? Does she Defame others through her song?

American rapper, Instagram model, and sole business owner adopted Mumble Rap style. she said, “Her song boost confidence within oneself, anyone who is living privileged life can’t understand her song”.


Cuban doll

In the recent period of 2021, Cuban Doll is succeeded to gain a $1 million net worth. She collects wealth from selling songs along with, stage shows, active presence in social media altogether with merchandise business of her also adds wealth.


  • After the release of her Aaliyah Keef mixtape, Cuban was ready to change her name to Aaliyah Keef but didn’t change it.
  • She shares an abusive relationship with her both ex-boyfriend.
  • On today’s date also she is in a contradictory relation with Jordan B (JayDayoungan’s baby mom).


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