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Darin Routier Wiki 2021: Wife. Age, Net Worth and Full Bio

Who is Darin Routier?

Darin Routier (born N/A) is a famous husband of a woman Darlie Router who was accused of murdering her two sons. In 1996, Darin’s world collapsed in front of his eyes when he heard the news about his two sons being killed.

However, he may have never thought the woman accused of doing such an incredible crime is his wife and the mother of his two lovely sons.

Darin Routier Gif

Despite the high-profile case, Darin has convinced his wife his innocent and testified his thought in the court case. He has received criticism for overlooking the crime of his wife due to his love for her.

Darlie has been on death row for almost 15 years now. Almost anybody in the world is convinced she is the culprit apart from his husband Darin.

Darin does not have any social media as of now.

Darin Routier Facts


Quick Bio

Real Name Darin Routier
Nick Name N/A
Gender Male
Date of Birth N/A
Birth Place Texas
Age N/A
Birth Sign N/A
Nationality American
Profession Entrepreneur
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Net Worth $ 1 Million (Approx)

Early Life

Where was Darin Routier born?

Darin Routier was born in Texas, however, he has not revealed much of his life and childhood. He also has not shared anything about his education.

Darin is mostly popular because of the incident surrounding his convicted wife and his murdered children. He is not active on social media which is why his life is private.

Darin Routier

The Incident

In 1996, Darin’s world came crashing down when he heard his six-year-old and five-year-old sons were stabbed to death in a kitchen. The elder son’s name was Devon and the younger one was named Damon.

While he was in a back seat of a police car, his mother-in-law called him to gave him even more bad news. Darin’s wife Darlie was suspected of both of the killings but she was only convicted of the murder of younger son Damon.

Damon and Davon were stabbed by a big-sized kitchen knife. Darlie herself was wounded in her arms and hands. She testified an intruder stabbed her children and wanted to kill her for robbery.


However, the prosecutor proved that she killed her children and the wounds on her body were self-inflicted. The court verdict was she was guilty and gave her capital punishment i.e. death by lethal injection in February 1997.

According to the judge and jury, Darlie was under financial restraint which is why she killed her children.

However, Darlie’s husband Darin is still convinced his wife is innocent and she would never do such a heinous act.

Darlie has filed for two appeals and due to pressure from the media multiple new advanced technologies and DNA Tests are being used to conclude the case. The trial is still ongoing in 2021.

Darin Routier Family

Personal Information

What is the height of Darin Routier?

Darin Routier stands at the height of 6 ft 1 inch tall and weighs about 75 kg. Routier has black color hair and black color eyes. His zodiac sign is unknown.

Darin is American regarding nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. He has not revealed any information regarding his religion.

Darin is a private person and does not have any social media so his life is very private and secretive. He has not revealed much about the incident and his recent life.


Who is Darin Routier married to?

Darin Routier is married to his girlfriend Cindy Black. The couple married in 2020 and the news was all over the media.

Previously he was married to convicted married Dalie Routier. He also had two sons Davon and Damon Routier who were murdered in the high-profile incident.

Darin divorced Darlie in 2011 because of mental health and stress. Their relationship was in limbo so he separated from his wife.

Darin has still kept his word and believes Darlie is innocent of the two murders.

Darin Routier's previous family


Darin has not revealed much about his family since he likes to keep his life private. There is no information regarding his parents or his siblings.

His family consisted of Darlie, Davon, and Demon which completely vanished in extraordinary circumstances.

Currenlty Darin is living with his wife Cindy Black.

Net Worth

What is the net worth of Darin Routier?

Darin Routier is not a celebrity, actor, or singer. He became popular in the media and the Internet due to an unfortunate situation.

His wife Darlie was guilty of murdering two of her young songs which rocked Darin’s world.

After the accusation, Darin has come in front of several interviews and documentaries and even has testified in support of his wife and still believes she is innocent.

Darin is a businessman and entrepreneur of some sort. He has not revealed what he does for a living. However, he has a net worth of approximately $1 million as of 2021.


  • Darin Routier was the ex-husband of convict Darlie Routier.
  • The court was found guilty of Darlie Routier and ordered death by lethal injection.
  • Darin has supported his ex-wife and still believes she is innocent.
  • He divorced Darlie in 2011.
  • Darin married Cindy Black in 2020.




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