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Flossie Wiki 2021: Height, Age, Merchandise, Boyfriend and Full Bio

Who is Flossie?

Flossie a.k.a Flossie Clegg (born February 5, 2001) is a popular Instagram star, YouTuber, and fashion enthusiast. She is currently 19 years old.

Despite the young age, Flossie has successfully started her career as a social media star and a fashion and fitness guru. She is very passionate about her body and conscious of her looks.

Flossie has excelled on beauty tips, makeup tutorials, tips and tricks on what to do and what not to do during the first date, clubbing, traveling with friends, etc.

Due to her engaging talent and beautiful looks, Flossie is very popular on social media from all around the world. We can see her each selfie goes viral on Instagram with hundreds of thousands of likes and views.

Currently, Flossie is mostly active on YouTube and Instagram where she has over 1 million followers worldwide to date.


Quick Bio

Real Name Flossie Clegg
Nick Name Flossie
Gender Female
Date of Birth February 5, 2001
Birth Place England, UK
Age 20 years old
Birth Sign Aquarius
Nationality English
Profession YouTuber
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Net Worth $500,000

Early Life

Where was Flossie born? Flossie was born in England, UK. She has not revealed exactly in which state or cities she was born. There are various beautiful places in England just as London, Manchester, Liverpool, etc.

While growing up, Flossie was very attracted to make-up, dresses, and accessories. However, she was still pretty and competed in various beauty pageants.

Regarding education, Flossie has completed her school days and probably studying for her high school degrees.


What is Flossie popular for? Flossie started her YouTube career in 2014 where she uploaded her first YouTube video.

Her first YouTube video was titled “Bronze Smokey Eyes” which gained her about 17,000 views as her first video. Despite the low views, Flossie was not sad but instead, she became motivated to become a popular YouTuber.

Flossie continued to make make-up and dress tutorials after her first video was released. Some of the other older videos were “School Appropriate Make Up”, “Summer Pop of Color” and “Beyonce Inspired Make Up Tutorial”.

Flossie’s fan following started to increase and her video views were also starting to increase rapidly. She first gains her 100,000 views when she tried her Victoria Secret make-up collection.

However, she started to gain more and more views when she started applying glamour to her videos. Flossie’s most-watched video is titled “Trying the Victoria Secret Diet and Workout” which got just over 2.4 million views on her video.

Some of her other popular videos are titled “Parents rate my Oh Polly Dress” which got over 2 million views. Flossie also collaborated with other popular fashion and beauty-themed YouTubers such as Olivia Neil and Kate Elizabeth.

The collaboration video got just over 1.5 million views to date.



Along with her YouTube career, Flossie is also an entrepreneur as she has her own fashion and accessories shop called Depop.

Her fans can shop various amazing makeup, dress, and accessories by going to Depop.com. You can find various items such as make-up kits, dresses, bags, and other items from the shop.

Personal Information

What is the height of Flossie? Flossie stands at the height of 5 ft 2 inch tall and weighs about 65 kg. Clegg has brown color hair and black color hair. Flossie zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Many of her fans and admirers love her wide beautiful eyes. She also has an immaculate sense of fashion, makeup, and body tips. Flossie is a fit and gym freak who constantly trains herself, works out, and keeps her body fit and healthy.

Flossie Clegg is a very busy and workaholic person, however, she also likes to have fun and have her own hobbies and interest that she likes to do during her spare time.

Her hobbies are hanging out with friends and families, traveling, eating various dishes, swimming, skating, and many more.


Who is Flossie Clegg dating now? Flossie Clegg is currently single and according to her social media platforms, we can clearly see she is enjoying her single life and not involved with anyone.

However, She was in a relationship with Will Bunker since 2018. Flossie has shared many videos and photos with her ex-boyfriend on her social media. Some of the videos are ” Doing Makeup by My Boyfriend”, Mukbang with My Boyfriend’, Q and A’s and secret reveal, etc.

Her relationship was going great until she released the tweet saying that they broke up. The couple broke up around August 2020.

After the breakup, the couple has not revealed or released much of the information. But it seems they have moved on and living their life.

Currently, Flossie is not dating anyone. She is not engaged, married, and is too young to have a child of her own.



Flossie Clegg was born into a really healthy and nice family. There is not much information regarding her parents apart from her mother’s name which is Emma Clegg.

Her parents and her sister are often featured in the photos and videos of Flossie. Her sister’s name is Anna Clegg. Flossie has not revealed much about her sister as well apart from occasional photos and appearances on her YouTube videos.

If any relevant information becomes available we will be sure to update the site.

Net Worth

What is the net worth of Flossie? Flossie has become one of the most followed and watched social media personalities of 2021. She has tremendous growth on her YouTube channel and her Instagram account.

Flossie has already amassed over 1 million social media followers and the count is going to increase rapidly in upcoming months and years.

She also has her own brand deal regarding makeup which is called Flossie D-pop. Her fans can find her own branded fashion products, make-up kits, and accessories.

Due to her popularity, she has earned quite an income. Her primary source of income is from her career as a YouTuber and Instagram star. Flossie has a net worth of approximately $500,000 as of 2021.



  • Flossie was born in England and her real name is Flossie Clegg.
  • Her mother’s name is Emma and her sisters’ name is Anna.
  • Flossie dated Instgrammar Will Burn before breaking up.
  • She has over 1 million social media followers to date.
  • Flossie Clegg has a net worth of approximately $500,000 as of 2021.


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