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Gavin Butler (Sontard) Wiki 2021: Age, Height, Family, Career, Net Worth

Who is Gavin Butler?

Gavin Butler (born 3rd December 2003) is a member of the popular YouTube family “SHAYTARDS”.

His nickname is SonTard as he is the son of the owner of the channel Shaytards Shay Carl Butler.

Gavin is the oldest child of Shaytard and Mommytard so his name was given as SonTard.

He has made lots of appearances at the early phase of the channel when the family was small and the viewers were also limited.

Gavin is one of the favorites of the channel since he was featured quite a lot in the videos and is elder so can take care of everything in the videos as well.

The SHAYTARDS is a very popular YouTube channel and in fact, they are considered the first family of YouTube.

They have even won “The Best YouTube Channel or Personality” Award in 2013. Currently, ShayTards have over 2 million social media followers worldwide.

Gavin Butler

Quick Bio

Real Name Gavin Butler
Nick Name SonTard
Gender Male
Date of Birth 3rd December 2003
Birth Place Idaho, USA
Age 17 years old
Birth Sign Sagittarius
Nationality American
Profession YouTuber
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Net Worth $50,000

Early Life

Where was Gavin Butler born?

Gavin Butler was born in Idaho, USA, and grew up there with his father, mother, and two sisters.

From an early age, he was overweight so he used to get picked up by other kids.

However, he was very sensitive and used to act older than his age. Growing up he did not have lots of friends so he was very close to his family.

Gavin started to help his father with YouTube videos from the age of six and started learning to use the camera very early on.

Regarding his education, Gavin has completed his school days and he is currently in high school but has not revealed any of his education institution names.


Why is Gavin Butler famous?

Gavin Butler aka SonTard became famous from his parent’s YouTube channel named ShayTards.

They first created the channel in 2008 to show the point of view of love, care, and struggles of a happy family.

Shay Carl was very overweight during the launch of the channel so he particularly made YouTube teach everyone how to lose weight.

At first, he would only appear on YouTube and soon the channel became the vlogging channel for Shay’s family.

Soon his son Gavin begin to appear on the channel where he was a very small, adorable boy.

Sometimes he used to help with the camera and film his dad and mom with their vlogging.

One day he was on filming duty to film his baby brother but he started dancing and made his own vlog.

Gavin’s father edited the video and recorded it as Gavin’s first vlog which became so popular that fans wanted Gavin to be much more in front of the camera.

From that point onwards Gavin Butler became one of the most popular members of the YouTube channel ShayTards.

Most Popular Videos

One of the most popular videos on the channel was Gavin Butler singing the cover song of popular songs such as “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.

The video got over 3 million views and became one of the most-watched videos on the YouTube channel.

Not only that, Gavin was often criticized for being overweight just like his father.

So Gavin included himself with his father’s 30 days weight-reducing challenge where every day they had to eat healthily and exercise as well.

Another Venture of Gavin Butler is that he has written a lovely book tributing his dad.

The book was titled “Fat Dad, Fat Kid: One Father and Son’s Journey to Take Power Away”.

Personal Information

What is the height of Gavin Butler?

Gavin Butler stands at the height of 5 feet inches tall and weighs about 70 kg.

Butler has a zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Gavin’s hair color is black and similarly, his eyes color is black also.

He is American regarding nationality and belongs to the white caucasian ethnicity. Gavin has not revealed his religion to date.

Regarding Gavin’s hobbies and interests, he is a very foodie person and likes to eat which led him to plenty of criticism due to being overweight.

He also loves to travel and make a vlogging video more than any other thing.


Who is Gavin Butler dating now?

Gavin Butler is currently single and is not dating anyone. He has not revealed anything about having a romantic relationship.

Gavin has been going on a date with various ladies but has not been settled with anyone to date.

He is also giving much more focus to his health and trying to reduce weight so that he can impress someone.

Currently, Gavin Butler is not engaged, married, and does not have any child.


Gavin Butler

Gavin Butler is the child of popular YouTubers Shay Carl Butler and Colette Butler.

Shay created the YouTube channel SHAYTARDS and gave each member of his family a prefix TARDS.

This was due to his obsession with Unitards and to prevent the identity of his family especially children.

Since Gavin was the son during the creation of the channel he was given the name “SonTard”.

Gavin is the oldest child among the 5 children. He has two younger sisters named Avia aka Princesstard and Emmi aks Babytard.

He also has two younger brothers named Brock aka Rocktard and Daxton aka Brotard.

Gavin and his family also have a lovely pet dog name, Malachi.

Social Media

Gavin Butler is a popular YouTuber and member of a famous YouTube channel SHAYTARDS.

Due to the popularity of his father’s channel, Gavin’s reputation has increased even more.

He alone has amassed very large social media followers.

Currently, Gavin Butler has over 73000 Instagram followers.

However, he does not have any YouTube channel as he is involved in ShayTards channel which has over 450,000 subscribers on its own.

Net Worth

Gavin Butler

What is the net worth of Gavin Butler?

Gavin Butler is a popular YouTuber and Instagram star who is famous for the channel ShayTards.

His father is mostly the owner of the channel but Gavin has also contributed a lot to the channel.

Gavin has earned quite good from his endorsement of Instagram and YouTube.

He has shared the picture of his home, properties, and his cars on his social media.

Currently, Gavin Butler has a net worth of $50,000 as of 2021.


  • Gavin Butler is the eldest son of Shay Butler and Colette Butler.
  • He has two younger brothers, two younger sisters, and a pet dog Malachi.
  • His first-ever vlogging got over 3 million views.
  • Gavin, his currently focusing on losing weight.
  • Currently, Gavin Butler has a net worth of approximately $50,000 as of 2021.


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