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Hwang HyunJin Wiki 2021: Age, Height, Career, Relationship and Full Bio

Who is Hwang Hyunjin?

Hwang Hyunjin (born March 20, 2000) is a popular singer and songwriter from Korea. He is the lead singer and guitar player from the band Stray Kids.

Stray Kids were formed by Hwang Hyujin, Lee Know, and Felix. They formed in 2017 when the entertainment firm named JYP Entertainment form the reality show and band contest of the same name.

Later on, he also appeared on an internet Tv show titled A-Teen 2.

He is currently just 20 years old but he has an insane amount of fanbase and reputation all around the world. However, a bullying allegation in 2021 has rocked his world and his fanbase.

Due to the insane rise in his fame and reputation from his music and band in South Korea, Hwang Hyujin has a social media fan base from all around the world. Hwang is only mostly active on Instagram where he has just over 200,000 followers as of 2021.

Hwang Hyunjin

Quick Bio

Real Name Hwang Hyunjin
Nick Name Jinnie, Jin, the Prince
Gender Male
Date of Birth born March 20, 2000
Birth Place Seong-nae dong, South Korea
Age 21 year old
Birth Sign Pisces
Nationality South Korean
Profession Singer, Performer
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Net Worth $5 million


Early Life

Where was Hwang Hyunjin born? Hwang Hyujin was born in South Korea specifically in the state Seong-nae dong. Growing up he was heavily supported by his family members.

He also loved to play with his dog while he was in his school days. Hwang loved to dance and sing while growing up. He also performed a lot in school events and other shows as well.

Hwang was living his ordinary life when his life changed in a minute. While he was doing shopping with his mom, he was approached by JVP Entertainment for the band reality show.

At first, his mom and he hesitated to comment but later they did commit and the rest is history. Despite some information, Hyujin has kept his childhood life very private and away from the media.

Only his hardcore fans and followers know most of the early stuff about Hwang Hyujin.


What is Hwang Hyunjin famous for? Hwang Hyunjin started his career when he was approached by JYP entertainment while he was shopping. After consultation, he joined the reality show Stray Kids in 2017.

His band’s name was also Stray Kids. Hwang joined the show with members of Itzy kids and Stray Kids. His musical career started with the first album of Stray Kids titled I AM NOT.

Their lead single from the track District 9 became a massive hit which put Stray Kids on the music map. Hwang became even more popular two years later in 2019 when he appeared on an internet show titled “A-Teen 2”.

He played the role of Cha a friend of Ah Ayun in the show.

Hwang Hyunjin and Stray Kids


Personal Information

What is the height of Hwang Hyunjin? Hwang Hyujin stands at the height of 5 ft 10 inches tall and weighs about 65 kg. Hyunjin has black color eyes and black color hair but he occasionally colors and dyes his hairs.

His zodiac sign is Pisces. Hwang is a really amazing, talented, and humble person in the music industry. His best quality as a superstar is that he really likes to interact with his fans.

Along with his interest and passion in making music, Hwang also likes to take pictures, read books, and is really interested in photography as well.

Growing up, his aspirations wanted to be a soccer player but later became a superstar after he was approached by JYP entertainment. Hwang also likes Christmas and his favorite color is black and white.

Hwang hyunjin


Who is Hwang Hyunjin dating now? Hwang Hyunjin is currently single at the moment. However, he has been linked to many females and girls as his boyfriend and girlfriend.

Many of his fans were ecstatic when channel 34 news shared a story regarding Hyunjin’s girlfriend. The prank news channel claimed Hyunjin was dating a beautiful girl but later they claimed it was a prank and the news story was false.

As of 2021, Hwang has not shared any information regarding his love life and relationship. He has not shared any photos that link any girl as his girlfriend or even his wife.

Hence, Hwang Hyunjin is single and not engaged, married, or has any child to date.


Hwang Hyunjin is a superstar singer and performer from the South Korean band Stray Kids. Regarding his family, he lived and grew up with his parents i.e his father and his mother.

Hwang has not shared any information regarding his family to date. However, his father is a businessman in South Korea, and his mother is a housewife. Hwang is the only child of his parents and does not have any siblings.

Hwang has kept the information and the identity of his parents really private and secretive from the media and internet. He does not want to provide any attention to his parents and wants everyone to respect their privacy.

Hwang Hyunjin


What are the allegations against Hwang Hyunjin? Hwang Hyunjin suffered from an allegation of bullying by the former schoolmates of his. The anonymous person claimed Hwang bullied him verbally which led to his mental disturbance.

The unfortunate event appeared in February 2021 which changed the life of Hwang and Stray Kids completely. After the news broke up his management team of JYP claimed they will investigate the situation.

They have also announced Hwang Hyunjin will be on a break till the situation resolves. Hwang has not made any public appearance or has posted about it from the day of the situation.

Net Worth

What is the net worth of Hwang Hyunjin? Hwang Hyunjin is a popular singer and superstar member of the South Korean band Stray Kids. He has generated over 200,000 fans on social media.

Hwang has earned quite a lot of money from his popularity. His primary source of income is from his music and performance as the Stray Kids members. Hwang has also earned quite a lot from his brand deals and other sponsorship.

Currently, Hwang Hyunjin has a net worth of approximately $5 Million as of 2021.

Hwang Hyunjin


  • Hwang Hyunjin’s nickname is The Prince.
  • His father is a businessman and his mother is a housewife.
  • Hwang is a popular member of Stary Kids.
  • In February 2021, a former classmate of Hwang accused him of bullying.
  • Hwang Hyunjin has a net worth of approximately $5 million as of 2021.




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