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Lauren Dascalo Wiki 2021: Age, Height, Career and Full Bio

Who is Lauren Dascalo?

Lauren Dascalo (born September 29, 1997) is a popular fitness model and Instagram star. She is 23 years old as of now. Lauren is popular for amazing fitness training videos and her sizzling photoshoot on her Instagram account.

She has been engaging her fans with her hardworking daily routine and effort to get a perfect body. Furthermore, Lauren is not only popular on Instagram but she is also equally famous in the YouTube community as well.

Lauren Dascalo is also a member of a prestigious YouTuber group knows as Team 10. The group was founded by Jake Paul one of the most popular YouTubers.

Lauren was in the opening group and has not left the group ever since joining. Due to her popularity, Lauren has gathered massive social media followers.

She has over 2 million social media followers worldwide.

Lauren Dascalo

Quick Bio

Real Name Lauren Dascalo
Nick Name Lauren
Gender Female
Date of Birth September 29, 1997
Birth Place Los Angeles, California
Age 23 years old
Birth Sign Libra
Nationality American
Profession Model. Instagrammar
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Net Worth $5 Million


Early Life

Where was Lauren Dascalo born? Lauren Dascalo was born in Los Angeles, California. From her early age, she was very beautiful and elegant.

Lauren was interested in fashion and make-up from her early days. Growing up Lauren decided to focus on her body and fitness as well.

Regarding education, there is not much information available but we can know she is very well educated. Since she is so successful already in her career, her childhood was really not that hard.


What is Lauren Dascalo famous for? Lauren Dascalo started her career at the age of 15. She first started as a model and fashion show showstopper. After working for quite a brand deal Lauren started to make fitness training videos on Instagram.

Her first Instagram video was uploaded in 2015. Lauren also shared her amazing bikini photos and modeling portfolios on the internet. Within days her photos and videos started to went viral and she started to amass a large number of followers.

After she became popular, Lauren also joined the group of popular YouTubers known as Team 10. Her boyfriend Adam Quinn was the manager and the group was led by star YouTuber Jake Paul himself.

Lauren also started to appear on brand deals and various other advertisements as models and brand ambassadors. Now Lauren also has her own gym brand and accessories. She also brands energy drinks such as Bang Energy.

lauren dascalo


Lauren started her YouTube journey in 2018 with a video titled “Mini Jake Paul meeting”. She was new to the Youtube industry which is why she only got over 20,000 views.

However, as her popularity increased Lauren started gaining more and more views on her videos. Her popular videos were prank as walking naked on shopping stores and streets. Lauren got over 6 million views on the video.

Personal Information

What is the height of Lauren Dascalo? Lauren Dascalo stands at the height of 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 72  kg. Her zodiac sign is Libra.

Lauren has green color eyes and her hair color is blonde. She is American regarding nationality and belongs to white caucasian ethnicity. Lauren has not revealed her religion as of yet.

Regarding her personality, Lauren is a very confident and serious girl who is determined to become successful. However, she is also really humble and soft among fans and audiences.

Despite being popular and busy her entire day, Lauren also has her own hobbies and interests. Lauren likes to hang out on the beach with her boyfriend or her friends.

She also likes traveling, photography, and read books and similarly likes to spend her time in a gym.

Apart from being a popular model, Lauren also has dreamed of becoming an actress in Hollywood.


Who is Lauren Dascalo dating now? Lauren Dascalo is currently dating Adam Quinn. Adam is a manager of a popular YouTubers group called Team 10 and also an entrepreneur.

The couple started dating each other in 2017. They first met in the inaugural of Team 10 where Lauren was a member and Adam was a manager of the crew.

Lauren and Adam have rarely seen together in the public media or have shared together their photos on the internet.

However, there is also no information about their break up which means they are still together. Despite three years of togetherness, the couple has not announced any plans of marriage.

They also don’t have any children to date.

Lauren dascalo


Lauren Descalo is really a private and secretive person. This is the reason why she has not shared much about her family life or anything about her parents.

However, her mother’s name is Ana Descalo but she has not revealed the name of her father. Regarding their parents’ jobs, Ana also has not shared much about what they do for a living.

Lauren also has not shared much about her siblings in the media, social media, or in the internet among her fans. She might be protecting the identity of her sibling or she does not have one at all.

However, we will only find out when she revealed it herself. After her only revealment, we will surely update it on the site.

Net Worth

What is the net worth of Lauren Dascalo? Lauren Dascalo is a popular YouTuber and fitness model born in Los Angeles. She has generated a lot of income from her YouTube channel and social media.

Lauren also has her own brand deals such as bang energy and many other accessories as well as gym clothes. However, her primary source of income is from her career as a social media influencer and as a brand dealer.

Currently, Lauren has a social media followers of over 2 million. She has a net worth of approximately $ 1 million as of 2021.

Lauren dascalo


  • Lauren Dascalo born in 1997 in Los Angeles, California.
  • She started her career as a model and fashion showrunner.
  • Lauren Dascalo is a member of Teen 10 led by Jake Paul.
  • She has a boyfriend named Adam Quinn who is also an entrepreneur.
  • Lauren Dascalo has a net worth of approximately $1 million as of 2021.




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