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Leonardo Da Vinci Mona Lisa, Paintings, Net Worth and Full Wiki

Who is Leonardo Da Vinci?

Leonardo Da Vinci (born 15 April 1452 – 2 May 1519) is a world-famous painter, author, architect, and sculptor. He was and still is popular for his paintings such as Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, Salvator Mundi, and many more.

He was one of the most active and significant figures of the High Renaissance period in Rome or mostly Italy. Leonardo was the polymath of that generation.

Leonardo Da Vinci Gif

Leonardo has completely changed the nature of the art and craft not only in the Renaissance period but the significance is still equally important in the current period as well.

His collective masterpiece of art and paintings are one of the most beautiful and creative that no man in several generations has come close to compete with him. However, he did have one of the most creative rivals in Michaelangelo.

Leonardo Da Vinci Facts


Quick Bio

Real Name Leonardo Da Vinci
Nick Name N/A
Gender Male
Date of Birth (born 15 April 1452 – 2 May 1519)
Birth Place Vince, Italy
Age 65 years old
Birth Sign Taurus
Nationality Italian
Profession Painter, Engineer
Hair Color White
Eye Color Black
Net Worth $85 million approx

Leonardo Da Vinci

Early Life

Where was Leonardo Da Vinci born?

Leonardo da Vinci was born in Vinci Italy through wedlock between his father Piero da Vinci and a local peasant woman. From the very early days, Leonardo was attracted to science, nature, and arts.

Later we can find his admiration of science and nature in his master crafts and arts. He became a painter, a craftsman, and an inventor due to his limitless knowledge and willingness to learn since he was little.

Despite his parents were not married at the time of his birth, he was treated as a legitimate son of a notary. Leonardo was provided proper education.

During the time, he was not much interested in learning Latin and Mathematics. However, he did learn them when he was 30 years old. His distinct and diverse personality had impressed various art veterans and he finally was able to work in Florence under Verchhio.


Why was Leonardo Da Vinci famous for?

Leonardo da Vinci became an apprentice of Verchhio when he was just 14 years old. He was trained under Verchhio for six years. During the six years of training, Leonardo became one of the most versatile artists in Florence.

He learned drawings, sculpture, metal art, leather art, and painting. After the training, he started his own studio. At the time he was just 20 years old.

During the time he was convicted of a crime related to sodomy. He remained far from public eyes and despite having so much talent he did not give any attention to his talent or his art.

The Last Supper

In 1482, Leonardo Di Caprio started to work under Lorenzo de Medici. He was commissioned to make Duke of Monaco which was considered as the symbol of peace.

He made the perfect sculpture and also sent a message to the duke of accepting the job of painter for the court. The court was so impressed by the art that they accepted his offer and assigned him a job.

Leonardo worked in the court from 1482 to 1499. He made many art and sculpture for the court at the time. During the time he was assigned to work for Santa Maria church in Milan.

For them, he made one of the most iconic paintings ever made which was called “The Last Supper”.

The Last Supper

Mona Lisa

After leaving the duty for the court in 1500, he started to take his art seriously and made some personal paintings. After 1505, many art lovers started to commission him for private works.

From 1503 to 1505, Leonardo painted one of the most renowned and significant paintings to date which was called Mona Lisa.

Mona Lisa comes from the Italian word Mona which is referred to as Madam and Lisa Gherardini: wife of Francesco del Giocondo.

Mona Lisa became one of the most popular talked about, and written about paintings in the ancient period as well as equally popular for most parodied and faked paintings to date.

It is the most expensive paintings ever painted with almost $800 million worth of insurance on the property. Currently, the paintings belong to the French Republic administration.

Mona Lisa

Inventions and Designs

Leonardo Da Vinci was fascinated by science and creativity from an early age. He always believed he was an engineer rather than a painter or an artist.

During his spare time, he used to analyze and understand machines and the way they work. Leonardo started gathering pupils to complete his commission works but he would be focusing on more interesting machines and equipment.

He also started drawing graphic drawings of machines which were significant for seeing the internal parts and the anatomy of the machines. In 1499, he fled to Venice from Milan and started working as an engineer.

During the time he created and made the designs for various damps, Hydraulic pumps, musical equipment, etc. Leonardo was always fascinated by the concept of flights. He provided the early designs for airplane, helicopter, glider, and a parachute.

Some of these designs later became successful and today we can see various aircraft and planes in our sky.


After 1512, Leonardo Da Vinci started getting ill and had to suffer strokes. At the time he was working on an equestrian monument however the plan was forfeited by the Swedish Invasion.

He went to Rome in 1513 and stayed there till 1516. Leonardo painted the sculpture of a Lizard with scales dipped in Quicksilver. In 1517 another stroke paralyzed Leonardo’s right arm.

He was 65 years at that time and many people believe was still working on Mona Lisa which is why the painting is still unfinished. On 2nd May 1519, Leonardo Da Vinci died due to a Stroke at Clos Luce.

Personal Information

What is the height of Leonardo Da Vinci?

Leonardo Da Vinci stands at the height of 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 75 kg. He had white color hair and his eyes color were black. His zodiac sign is Taurus.

Leonardo Da Vinci was a curious child and was always eager to learn and made something. He was fascinated by machines and their anatomy.


Who was Leonardo Da Vinci married to?

Leonardo Da Vinci was a creative genius. He never married or had any child which gave him time to show his creativity and engineering skills to the whole world.

His close friends were his pupils and his clients who gave him a commission for the work. During his old age, he was taken great care of by his pupils and his assistants.


Leonardo Da Vinci was the son of notary Piero Da Vinci and the pheasant woman Catarina. He was the result of wedlock however his parents were not married at the time of his birth.

Leonardo had twelve siblings however nothing much has been known of them.

Net Worth

What is the net worth of Leonardo Da Vinci?

Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the pioneer painters of the Renaissance period. He was an all-rounder polymath, a craftsman, and an engineer.

Leonardo was a significant figure of art and craft as well as modern technology. His one painting of the Mona Lisa is the most expensive painting in the world.

Currently, Leonardo da Vinci has a net worth of approximately %85 million as of 2021.


  • Leonardo Da Vinci was born in Venice, Italy.
  • He was the lead painter of the Renaissance era with paintings such as The Last Supper and Mona Lisa.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci made early designs of airplanes, helicopters, and parachutes.
  • He died of a Stroke in 1519 at the age of 65.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci has a net worth of approximately $85 million as of 2021.


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