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Lilia Buckingham Wiki 2021 : Age, Height, Career, Relationship, NetWorth, Trivia, Video, and Bio Details

Who is Lilia Buckingham?

Lilia Buckingham is an American Actress, Dancer, Author, Producer, and Social media personality.

Lilia rose to fame with her character Autumn Miller in various series such as Total Eclipse an American teen series, Spring breakaway, and Zoe Valentine.

Whereas, She appeared in Dirt as Autumn Miller’s main role gain popularity.

Because of the praise, she received from the audience entertain audience in Brat chat.

In addition, Lilia has debuted in her acting career from an early age and in that period she also gets participate in a dance competition.

Along with her career in acting and dancing, she makes her effort in production, writing, and effective influencer in social media.

Therefore, Lilia Buckingham has 1.6 million followers on her Instagram.

Lilia Bunckingham

Quick Bio

Real Name Lilia Buckingham
Nick Name Not available
Gender Female
Date of Birth April 9, 2003
Birth Place Beverly Hills, California, U.S.
Age 18
Birth Sign Aries
Nationality American
Profession Actress, Dancer, Author, Producer, and Internet Personality
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Green
Net Worth $2million- $3million dollar

Early Life

Lilia Bunkingham

Lilia Buckingham was born on April 9, 2003, in Beverly Hills, California, United State.

Lilia is the youngest one in her family in addition she has an elder brother named Jack Buckingham.

Who are Lilia Buckingham’s parents?

Lara Buckingham was raised as a privileged child of Marcus Buckingham and Jane Ruth Buckingham.

In addition, Her mother Jane Ruth is best known as an American famous writer and founder of the consumer insights from Trendera.

Similarly, Marcus Buckingham beloved father of Lilia is a commendable English author, motivational speaker, and business consultant.

What happens to Lilia’s parents?

They got married in 1996 later in 2017 they separated their way through divorce.

What school does Lilia Buckingham go to?

Additionally, Lilia has completed her early schooling in Beverly Hills, California, United State.

Whereas it is reported that she has been admitted to Los Angeles Harvard- Westlake School in 2021.

On the contrary, she withdraws from school before the school year starts.

Furthermore, she has begun her career in the famed industry since her teenage period.


Lilia Bunkingham

Lilia Buckingham has begun her acting career through local musical theatre productions.

Then, she appeared as a contestant in the MNR Dance Factory.

Because of, MNR Dance Factory, she gets the opportunity to communicate with Mackenzie singer, dancer, and actress.

In addition, she also met Maddie Ziegler an American dancer and actress.

Along with Mackenzie and Ziegler, she expands her social media popularity.

After that, She also cofounded the anti-cyberbullying organization Positively Social in collaboration with her brother Jake Buckingham.

Rose To Fame

In 2012, Most importantly, She landed in the television industry.

Similarly, She debuts in a Modern Family American family sitcom as a Trick or Treater in the Open House of Horrors episode.

Again, In 2013, she appeared in a short film named Good Morning America as a Model.

As a result, the Audience praises her appearance on the screen.

Therefore, In 2018, She entertains the audience with her role as Autumn Miller in Chicken Girl an American web series.

In the same year, She acts in an American Short Film named Voices.

Lilia Bunckingham

Because of her dedication to acting, she became the choice of many producers.

As a result, In 2018, She gets featured in three webs series:

  • Total Eclipse in a role as an Autumn Miller
  • Dirt in the main role as an Autumn Miller
  • Brat chat as herself

Afterward, In 2019, She portrays the character of Autumn Miller in the film Spring Breakaway.

Following her success from 2019 to now, She appeared in two popular series:

  • She voices for Heather Masterson in Crown Lake an American television series.
  • Whereas in Zoe Valentine she again appeared in the character Autumn Miller in a total of five episodes.

Similarly, Lilia with her passion for acting made her appearance in an American short film named It Counts as Lauren.

Last but not least, On April 23, 2021, She surprises her audience with Pink an LGBTQ short film.

Additionally, From co-production to co-author they publish Influence which describes the world of Social media influencers.

Personal Information

Lilia Bunkingham

How tall is Lilia Buckingham? and How much does she weigh?

Lilia stands at the height of 5 ft 5″ (165cm) whereas her weight is around 54 kg (119lbs) and she fell under the Pear body type group.

Buckingham with her passionate and dynamic personality shares Aries zodiac sign ad fire elements.

In addition, She looks amazing with her light green colored eyes, and her blond colored hair complement her looks too.

Which religion is Lilia Buckingham?

Talking about her religion she follows Christianity beliefs and values.

furthermore, she is openly bio-sexual.

Why does her mother, Jane Buckingham sentence to Jail?

Jane Buckingham was found guilty in a college admissions scandal which she attempted for her son Jack Buckingham’s admission.

As a result, In October 2019, she was sentenced to jail for 21 days and fined a $40000 fine.


Lilia Bunkingham

Who is Lilia Buckingham dating Now?

In 2017, Lilia acknowledges herself as a bio sexual because of this, she is in an open relationship with her girlfriend Jillian Shea Spaeder.

In addition, Jillian Shea Spaeder is a Philadelphia-born actress and songwriter best known for her character as Bailey in Walk the Prank.

Both of them enjoy sharing posts of their loveable moments on social media.

Most importantly, Together they launched Strawberry Social Club to virtually stay connected during Covid-19.

Later, It became the platform to support good work and eliminate the emerging issues.

In addition, Both of them support and work on LGBT rights.

Does Lilia Buckingham date Jaeden Martell?

In 2018, Lilia has dated her ex-boyfriend Jaeden Martell whereas in 2019 they separate their way.

Furthermore, Jaeden is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-born American actor who rose to fame with his role St.Vincent in the film Oliver Bronstein.


Lilia Buckingham

How much is Lilia Buckingham’s net worth?

The estimated net worth of Lilia Buckingham is approximate 2 million dollars to 3million dollars according to our analysis.

Lilia with her commendable work is becoming more popular day by day.

In addition, From a young age, she is making her own money and also influences others to continue their passion.

Similarly, she also motivates others to become economically independent.

Undoubtedly, Famous Lilia collects wealth through her continued work in acting, making inventment on production, and social media platforms.

Therefore, It is estimated that she will add more fortune with the continuity in her career.


  • Lilia is from an LGBT group.
  • She has a huge interest in fitness activities.
  • In addition, She has dated both boys and girls at different times.
  • In her official Instagram account, she has an immense amount of followers that is 1.6 million.
  • Whereas she is following 1974 Instagram accounts.
  • Furthermore, Lilia co-produced Crown Lake.

Lilia Bunckingham


Image Credit: @lilia

Video Credit: @Lighten Up!


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