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Linda Kolkena Wiki 2021: Age, Husband, Death, Controversy and Full Bio

Who is Linda Kolkena?

Linda Kolkena

Linda Kolkena Broderick (born in the year 1961) is a popular American Flight assistant working for Delta Airlines.

She was also later brought by Dan Broderick to work as his legal assistant. However, Linda Kolkena became famous more because of death than her life.

Linda was killed by her husband’s first wife Betty Broderick when she shot her twice. She was just 28 years old when she was killed.

Quick Bio

Real Name Linda Kolkena
Nick Name N/A
Gender Female
Date of Birth Born 1961 – 1989
Birth Place Salt Lake City, Utah
Age approx – 28 years old
Birth Sign Cancer
Nationality American
Profession Flight Attendant Assistant
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color N/A
Net Worth $1.6 Million

Early Life

Where was Linda Kolkena born? 

Linda Kolkena was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. Not much is known about her early life except for the fact that she had a sister.

They both lost their mother to breast cancer when Linda was only 11 years old.


What did Linda Kolkena do for a living?

Linda Kolkena worked as a flight attendant before she was hired as a legal assistant for Dan Broderick.

She did not even know how to type but still, Dan kept her as her legal assistant.

Personal Information

What is the height of Linda Kolkena?

Linda had a light brown eye and hair color. Her zodiac sign was Cancer. Linda had an American nationality and belonged to a White ethnicity.


Dan and Betty married in their early 20s, and together they shared four children.

Their relationship tainted through the years, and then Dan admitted that he was having an affair with Linda Kolkena, who worked as a legal assistant for Dan himself.

Divorce soon followed and Dan got only custody of their four children, which exhausted Betty.

In the year 1989, the former Mrs. Broderick went into the home of her former husband and his new wife by taking the keys from her daughter and shot them in their sleep.

Betty and Dan’s relationship was already stony when Dan met Linda Kolkena in the year 1983.

Linda was only 21 years old and used to work as a flight attendant for the airlines called Delta Airlines before she got a job as a receptionist.

At the same building where Dan Broderick’s law firm was situated. Their relationship only bloomed from there.

Ultimately, Dan hired Linda to be a paralegal at his law firm. Linda actually had no experience in law and didn’t even know how to type for the firm.

But also, Dan had no problem with hiring the young lady and giving her a salary of $30,000 per year, which is actually a huge amount at that time.

Betty Broderick

Divorce with Betty

Also, Dan and Betty’s marriage was not going well, and her husband’s newly hired assistant caused Betty to suspect an affair was probably going on.

In the book called “Hell Hath No Fury,” Betty’s statement which she gave in the court concerning Linda read, “She wasn’t a lawyer and also wasn’t even a secretary; she couldn’t even type.

Also, he needed a lot of help, and I couldn’t see that she was the right person to help him through his work.” Betty then finally gave Dan a proposition to fire Linda or leave the home.

Dan filed for divorce from Betty in the year 1985. He was finally ready to move on with his life and pursue a relationship with Linda after his noxious marriage to Betty.

Linda Kolkena and Dan Broderick


Dan and Linda took the succeeding step in their relationship and married in the year 1989.

According to Linda’s sister, it was Linda’s dream to finally have her own family and be a wife and also a mother.

As for Dan, it was a new beginning from his toxic previous marriage. Different friends of the couple even said that Linda was the second chance that Dan was waiting for.

According to Heavy, the couples were head over heels for each other. “All together, they were such an enjoyment with their broad smiles, twinkling eyes, rich laughter, and sweet terms of endearment,” a friend of the couple said.

Dan and Linda’s wedding was held in the backyard of their own house which was located in Marston Hills, a neighborhood in San Diego.

The ceremony took place just after the few months of Dan and Betty’s divorce was finalized.

Linda was so scared that Betty would hit back during the wedding and even asked Dan to wear a bulletproof vest during their wedding ceremony.

Dan did not want to wear, but he did hire extra security at the home as protection.

The wedding pushed through without any hesitation, and they also went to the Caribbean for their honeymoon.

After six months of their wedding, Betty entered the couple’s home by taking the keys from their daughter and shot the two while they were sleeping.

The two lovebirds are buried side-by-side at the park called Greenwood Memorial Park which is located in San Diego.


We don’t have a lot of information about Linda’s family but she has a sister named Maggie Kolkena-Seats.

The girl’s mother’s name is Everdina Bernadetta Kolkena, who died when Linda was only 11 years old after a two-year battle with breast cancer.

Linda was married when she was murdered. She was married to Dan Broderick.


Linda Kolkena passed in the year 1989 for being shot twice by Betty Broderick, who is Dan’s Ex-spouse. Linda and Dan were married even less than a year before their murder.

Meanwhile, Betty Broderick is alive and is still serving out her sentence in California. She has hit a lifetime prison for the murder she committed.

As of now, she has served 30 years in prison and she is currently 73 years old.

Net Worth

We don’t have any information about Linda’s net worth but her husband had a net worth estimated around $1.6 million.


  • Linda was a flight attendant before working as a legal assistant for Dan Broderick.
  • She lost her mother to breast cancer.
  • Linda and Dan were only married for six years when they were shot dead.


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