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Lovely Peaches wiki 2021: Age, Height, Net Worth, and Full Bio

Who is Lovely Peaches?

Brittany Johnson (Born January 4, 2001), better known as her online alias ‘lovely Peaches’, is an American Social media star.

Peaches is known for her disturbing contents and strange viral video, for instance, threatening a child and harming her child.

We are going to learn about Lovely Peaches’s Age, Career, and Net worth. Let’s get started.

Lovely Peaches Quick Bio


Lovely Peaches weird

Real Name Brittany Johnson
Nick Name Lovely Peaches
Gender Female
Date of Birth January 4, 2001
Birth Place The United States of America
Age 20 years old
Birth Sign Capricorn
Nationality American
Profession Social Media Star
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Net Worth 500,000 USD

Early Life

Brittany Johnson was born in the United States of America on the 4th of January, 2001.

Reportedly, Johnson attended her local high school and got basic education.

After she was enrolled in the ‘The United stated University’, where she got graduated.

She was a curious kid from an early age and was interested in weird stuff.

She left home at the age of 15 to pressure her dream of becoming a musician. However, her family revealed that she suffered from mental illness.

Further information about her academic background and early life is not disclosed by the infamous star.

Social Media

Lovely peaches has an Instagram account named ‘lovelypeachesmusicforever2001’, which has the following rate of 156 thousand.

The popular page has about 8 posts and is following 1631 people, as of 2021.

Peaches also has an unofficial TikTok channel called ‘lovelypeaches4eva10000’, which has an impressive 8278 following.

Furthermore, the channel has got 31.8 thousand likes on its content.

Johnson tweets about her work updates and random things.


Lovely Peaches’ YouTube handle is reportedly been deleted, as of 2021.

However, many videos are published about the whereabouts and current situation of Brittany Johnson.

For instance, a video content posted by the YouTube channel ‘Destiny’ titled ‘This TikTok Star is EXTREMELY Dangerous.. | Lovely Peaches’, has gained over 2.9 million views.

It seems people are very interested in Johnson’s life, consequently, there are many videos featuring the 20-year-old.


She gained massive attention for recording videos of herself eating poop, used tampons, slapping herself, and shoving things on her private parts.

The infamous star often used Instagram live streams and flashes herself to the viewers and hosts, where notable victims were Malu Trevejo, Skai Jackson, Bhad Bhabie, and Suburban Prince.

Lovely Peaches posing

Furthermore, the talented personality released some tracks, for instance, He’s Me, You Don’t Know Me, Lovely Mission, Peach Form, Find Love Again, Choose, Burnin’ N’ Itchin, You So Bad, He so Bad, Charmed Riccardo, Romano, Finally Found A Dude, and Attention.

Brittany also became very known after making an infamous video of her threatening TikTok star ‘Charli D’Amerlio

Moreover, Brittany Johnson also hired a person to se*ually assaulting Charlie during one of her live streams.


Lovely peaches went through many controversies in her life.

A person named Samantha Howell reportedly started a petition against the American creator on change.org, two years ago.

Howell mentioned that Johnson is a prostit*te who openly admits to offering herself to older men for money, shelter, and food.

The petition also indicates that lovely peaches released an adult movie of herself and that she also put upsetting recordings of her mistreating of her daughter and their dog.

Furthermore, she was also arrested for posting a video of her abusing a six-month-old puppy named ‘Max’.

Lovely Peaches Personal Information

The American star currently stands at 5 feet and 5 inches, equivalent to 1.65 meters.

Furthermore, Brittany weighs around 85 kilograms, equivalent to 187.39, as of 2021.

Johnson is currently 20 years of age. She has big dark brown eyes and a long brown colored hairstyle.

The controversial star belongs to American Nationality and is of African-American Nationality.

Her zodiac sign is Capricorn. Brittany has a large physical built and average facial details.

Reportedly, Lovely Peaches follows the Christianity religion.


Lovely was rumored to be dating the famous American actor and social media star ‘Diego Martir’, which was later reported to be false and the pair were only doing that for popularity.

Currently, Lovely peaches is currently dating an unknown older gentleman, as she has posted many pictures with him on her social media accounts.

Lovely peaches with Boyfriend

The famous pair can be seen kissing in a car, as the picture is strange as it gets to normal viewers.

Reportedly, as told by the controversial star, the old man turned 67 years of age.


The name of Lovely peaches’ father and mother is not present on the online domain.

Johnson’s father was a serviceman and her mother is a homemaker.

Brittany Johnson has a daughter named Cora, but Cora’s father or her birthplace is unknown at the moment.

Moreover, Lovely lost custody of her daughter on the 6th of August, 2020.

Cora was later rescued by the Children’s Riot Organization.

Reportedly, Johnson’s family wanted to keep their distance from the contoversial figure and for social limelight.

Net Worth

The American social media star is worth approximately 50,000 USD, as of 2021.

Being one of the notorious figures on the internet, she does get to live a famous life.

Furthermore, her strange content attracts lots of attention and fans, which got her huge engagement rate from social media platforms.

She owned a luxury car and could afford a house, from her earnings.


The infamous social media star has lived a weird life and made some strange content.

let’s look at some of Lovely Peaches’s Trivia and interesting facts.

Lovely Peaches children

  • Despite many inquiries, Lovely Peaches is not in jail, as of 2021.
  • Peaches released more songs lie Walk it like A Boss, He Mine, Daddy Please, Hate You Cuz They Ain’t You, I Got Em Mad, The Baddest, Not Tonight, Treat, Accomplishment, Stay Jelly, Difficult Love, Property, So Bad, Try Me, Cream, Stike a Pose, Gotta Keep it on the Grind, Smile, IOS, Menstrual, Lost You Go, Dance, Feelings, Trigger.
  • Brittany posts her original songs in her official Spotify account named ‘Plovesya’.
  • Johnson liked the show charmed.
  • She is not popular among animal lovers as Brittany has hurt many dogs.
  • Brittany Johnson’s currently living details is unknown.
  • She has also harassed D’Amelio and gave threats in her DM.
  • Johnson has also made posts claiming to have killed Cora.
  • In one of her streams, she admitted supporting pedophilia.

Image Credit: Google Images


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