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Mekhi Alante Lucky Wiki2021 : Age, Career, Relationship, NetWorth and Bio

Who Is Mekhi Alante Lucky?

Mekhi Lucky

Mekhi Alante Lucky is an American Famous Male fashion Model from Raleigh, North Carolina.

With the Alluring two different colored eyes and appealing face structure, Lucky succeeds to win much attention.

St. Clair Modeling signed Mekhi when he caught the attention of Damiani O’Bryant, the Sinclair Modeling Agency agent in August 2017. 

As a result, Lucky enter to fashion fame world.

How did Mekhi Alante Lucky catch the attention of Mekhi Alante Lucky?

In 2017, Mekhi Alante Lucky mugshot rose heat in social media.

Since his mugshot is all over the internet, O’bryant also found his captivating mugshot on Instagram.

In addition, when lucky catches O’bryant’s attention, his life change once and for all.

Quick Bio

Real Name Mekhi Alante Lucky
Nick Name Prison Bae
Gender Male
Date of Birth May 24, 1997
Birth Place Raleigh, North Carolina.
Age 24 years
Birth Sign Gemini
Nationality American
Profession Model
Hair Color Black
Eye Color blue and brown
Net Worth  around $1.5 million

Early Life Of Mekhi Alante Lucky

Famous and hot male model Mekhi was born on May 24, 1997, in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Lucky was a single mother-child following this grandmother and mother raised him.

Although he hasn’t mentioned his mother’s name on social media. Lucky has gone to William G. Enloe high school.

Why does he have, unlike color?

  • Lucky also has a condition called Heterochromia, which causes his two different colored eyes.

Because of his different colored eyes, some people pass unkind comments, but it doesn’t affect him.

Mekhi Lucky

Previously, he used to involve in criminal work thus, in 2016 Police arrested him under two misdemeanors speeding and driving the stolen vehicle.

During police custody, police take his mugshot, which later became a sensation on social media.

Further, Lucky got a modeling chance through Damiani O’Bryant, the Sinclair Modeling Agency agent. 

Does Mekhi Alante Lucky has some serious eye condition?

No, Mekhi Alante has Heterochromia, and it does not cause disease thus, this also does not affect eyesight too.


Undoubtedly, Lucky comes from a criminal background, but a good job leads him to a better life.

Because his mugshot works like magic to him, specifically from social media sensation to the Philipp Plein show, which is really a big thing.

In short, when in August 2017 Mekhi Alante Lucky got arrested, his mugshot went viral.

Further, his viral mugshot works as an entry point to the fashion world.

After this, people knew Mekhi as prison Bae, though he said,” not to call him prison Bae” in one interview.

Later, signed by St. Claire Modeling Lucky’s first runway show, is the

Mekhi Lucky
Mekhi Lucky in Philipp Plein show.

In addition, Lucky walked into the Helmut Lang show at New York fashion week.

Mekhi Lucky
Mekhi Alante Lucky in Helmut Lang show

Namely, Mekhi Lucky cat walked for Shayne Oliver’s debut collection for the brand along with high-profile model Duckie Thot.

Lucky with two distinct colored eyes and a tempting body, looks walked in different New York fashion shows.

Mekhi Lucky

Lucky also worked with renowned brands Louis Vuitton, Dior, and NYX.

Apart from Mekhi Lucky also compared with Felon Jeremy Meeks who as well debut in a modeling career through his mugshot.

What is Prison Bae aka Mekhi Luck doing these days?

Since 2017, Lucky continues his model lifestyle, still active in modeling and the internet now people recognize him with his profession rather than his past life.

Lucky’s Personal Bio

What is the Height and weight of Mekhi Alante Lucky? – Mekhi stands at 5.10 ft (155.48 cm) yet his weight is unknown.

Mekhi Lucky

Mekhi has Heterochromia because of this, his right eye is Blue colored with his left eye brown colored along with black hair and oval face shape.

Further, the Alluring and Strong personality Lucky zodiac sign is Gemini (Chinese horoscope is ox).

Does he feel insecure because of his two-tone eye color?

In an interview with a magazine, he stated that he never felt that way. His Distinct eye color was never being the reason to be ashamed.

Is Lucky is happy with his eye condition?

Mekhi Lucky has mentioned many times he finds himself beautiful with two-toned eye colors. In addition, this makes him more confident.

Beauty definition according to Mekhi Alante lucky?

When an interviewee asked this question, he answered, ‘self-acceptance’ is beauty.

Why he doesn’t like to be compared with well-known model Felon Jeremy Meek?

Lucky requests his fan and media personality to stop comparing him with Jeremy Meek because he wants to create his own identity.

He wants to give his best at his work and do his own thing.

Actually, both start careers after their mugshot went viral.

Mekhi Lucky Relationship Detail

Felon Mekhi Lucky is recommendable as he uses the opportunity wisely and working hard on his career after he landed in the fashion industry.

Additionally, there is no record of anyone he is dating currently and previously. Lucky doesn’t discuss his personal life with social media.

As a matter of fact, Mekhi Lucky has a daughter and a son, but he hasn’t mentioned his baby mom details.

Mekhi Lucky's daughter
Mekhi Lucky’s daughter Brook Lucky

Mekhi Lucky
Mekhi Lucky with son Landon Lucky

Lucky’s daughter’s name is Brooke Lucky, born on 23 June 2017 and his son’s name is Landon lucky, born in 2019.

Through his social account, he shares this news.


Mekhi Lucky’s recent net worth is around $1.5 million.

Mekhi earns this wealth through various runways shows, different brand photoshoots, and social media platforms.

Mekhi Lucky

24-year famous model, mentions that he enjoys the work he wants to keep on working in this field.

Although Lucky believes he is attractive, his modeling career lifts his life positively and gives him the confidence to do good work in life.

Therefore, lucky wants to continue his modeling career and give his people all good things in life.


Mekhi Lucky

  • Before 2016 Wake Police arrested Mekhi Lucky five times for other charges such as neglecting police calls, stolen vehicle charges, assault women, etc
  • Lucky mugshot takes over the internet because of his two-toned eye color, which is blue and brown.
  • Mekhi Lucky has two children elder one is the daughter and the younger one is the son.
  • He doesn’t like his nickname, Prison Bae.
  • Lucky didn’t get convicted for his charges.
  • Lucky’s daughter Brook Lucky’s eye color is blue while son Landon’s lucky eye color is brown and blue.

Mekhi Lucky Video

Image Credit: @officialmekhilucky_

Video Credit: @Inside Edition


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