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Nathan Davis Jr wiki 2021: Height, Age, Net worth, and Full Bio

Who is Nathan Davis Jr?

Nathan Davis Jr (Born January 18, 1994), is an American actor and musician, who is known for his role in Hotel Artemis and Detroit.

Nathan Davies Jr Gif

He has a massive presence on social networks like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

We are going to learn about Nathan Davis Jr’s Age, Height, and Net worth. Let’s get going.

Nathan Davis Jr Quick Bio


Nathan Davis Jr Youtube

Real Name Nathan Davis Jr
Nick Name NDJ
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 18, 1994
Birth Place Long Beach, California, North America
Age 27 years old
Birth Sign Capricorn
Nationality American
Profession Actor, singer, Content Creator
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Net Worth 1 Million USD

Nathan Davies Jr Facts

Early Life

Where was Nathan Davis Jr born?

Nathan Davis Jr was born in Long Beach, California, North America on the 18th of January, 1994.

In his early childhood, Nathan left California, with his mother, Sofea Witkins to move to her hometown, Memphis, TN.

From an early age, Davis was fond of comedy shows and live performances from stars like Micheal Jackson, Will Smith, and Jamie Fox.

Reportedly, he started singing before he could talk at just t10 years of age, which got him a lot of attention.

Nathan Davis Jr Young

In his teen years, Nathan used to impersonate the famous Micheal Jackson.

He attended his local high school where he was trained and competed in classical vocalist, under ‘Dr. Billy Rayburn’.

Furthermore, Davis also did supporting roles in musical theater groups and production.

Nathan has not disclosed further education about his early life and academic background.

Social Media

The famous actor has an official Instagram handle named ‘nathandavisjrndj’, which has an impressive following of 708 thousand fans.

Currently, it has about 153 posts and Davis is following 3548 people.

Nathan’s official TikTok channel is named ‘nathandavisjrndj’, which has a massive 11million followers.

Moreover, the popular channel has a huge 310.2 million likes.

Davis jr often posts vlogs and funny sketches on his TikTok page.

In addition, he also has an official Twitter handle named ‘NDJ’, where he has a following of 7560 people.

He tweets about random stuff and updates.


What is the most-watched video of Nathan Davis Jr?

The American star has an official YouTube channel, which has an impressive subscription of 375 thousand fans.

He started his channel on the 20th of February, 2015, where he uploaded a video titled ‘Nathan Davis Jr covers MJ’s “Part Of Me” Singing & Dance Rehearsal (choreographed by Joel Daley)’.

Davis Jr’s most watch video is titled ‘XXXTENTACION – Changes (NDJ REMIX OFFICIAL VIDEO)’,¬†which has a massive 64 million views.

In his official YouTube handle, Nathan usually uploads music videos and funny vlogs.


Why is Nathan Davis Jr famous?

After moving back to California in the September of 2021, he landed many roles for instance, ‘Criminal Minds, The Soul Man’, and the Mega Hit show ‘Glee’.

Furthermore, he got a chance to feature with Justin Timberlake, where he booked a national campaign and singing opportunities.

After years of hustling, he finally got his recognition as he also started in commercials, voice-overs, and Tv shows.

Nathan Davis Jr singing

Davis was also cast in the role of ‘Diego’ in Nickelodeon’s Chase Champion, which became a regular series.

He was also featured in a sliver screen performance as ‘Aubrey Pollard’ in the movie Detroit and ‘Ricardo’ in Hotel Artemis.

In those movies, he was directed by nonother than Multiple Oscar-winning directors ‘Kathryn Bigelow’.

Moreover, he also starred in Christmas movies, for instance, ‘Miss Me This Christmas’ and ‘You Can’t Fight Christmas’.

He also cameoed in Hulu’s movie ‘Marvel Runaways’, released in 2017.

Personal Information

What is the height of Nathan Davis Jr?

The famous actor currently stands at 5 feet and 8 inches, equivalent to 1.7 meters.

Also, Junior weighs around 74 kilograms, equivalent to 163.14 pounds, as of 2021.

Nathan turned 27 years old in the January of 2021. Furthermore, he has big brown and eyes and a black colored hairstyle.

Davis belongs to American Nationality and has African-American Nationality.

His zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Nathan has a lean build and has handsome facial features.


Who is Nathan Davis Jr dating now?

Nathan Davis Jr is not in a romantic relationship, as of 2021.

However, being one of the famous faces in Hollywood as well as online, the Young actor surely does have lots of admirers.

Furthermore, he has not disclosed his dating life and wants to live in privacy.


Nathan’s mother is named ‘Sofia Watkings’, but his father’s identity is not available in the online domain.

His mother Sofia Watkins is also an actor known for roles in ‘Se* Sent Me to the Er’, ‘Christian Brothers’, ‘Man of the House’, and ‘Teacher’s Lounge’.

She was also the founder of the gospel group called the ‘The Watkins Singers’, who sang in Memphis Town.

The whereabouts of his siblings are not disclosed on the public platform.

Further information about his family is not expressed by the American actor, to keep their name away from the limelight.

Net Worth

What is the net worth of Nathan Davis Jr?

The popular actor and musical is worth approximately 1 Million USD, as of 2021.

Being one of the famous faces of Hollywood and the music industry he has lived a fabulous life.

Furthermore, Davis jr is also a huge figure on social networks like YouTube and Instagram.

Nathan Davis Jr

He also featured in movies like Detroit and Marvel Runaways, which got his contracts worth millions.

Nathan also represents companies where he has sponsorships deals and brand endorsements, adding to his revenue stream.

Davis also wants to enter the modeling field as he has got the physique and confidence.

The singer owns luxurious cars and lives in his house.


The 27-year-old actor has lived an exciting life and made some awesome content.

Let’s look at some of Nathan’s Trivia and interesting facts.

Nathan Davis Jr with justin timberlake

  • Nathan Davis Jr would entertain his family at Christmas dinners and vacations by singing when he was just a baby.
  • After being told that he wouldn’t be a professional actor, Nathan decided to pursue an acting career.
  • The American actor got first prize at the Soul LA starkest in 2013, where there were over 300,000 audiences.
  • In 2017, Nathan Davis Jr made an appearance in a Two-episode arc on the famous Tv series ‘Runaways’.
  • Davis also appeared in the Tv show ‘Snowfall’, which starred ‘Damson Idris’.
  • Reportedly he has many plans for 2020 but had to postpone them because of the Covid-19 Pandemic.
  • Nathan Davis likes traveling and hanging out with his friends.
  • He is a pet lover.
  • The popular singer likes to interact with his fans and provide them useful tips and things related to singing.

Image Credit: @nathandavisjrndj/Instagram and Google Images.


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