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SnaggyMo Wiki 2021: Age, Height, Relationship and Full Bio

Who is SnaggyMo?

SnaggyMo (born February 5, 2002) is a popular gamer and streamer. He is just 18 years old, but he already has made his name on the youtube and Twitch industry. SnaggyMo started his YouTube career by posting gaming videos of Fortnite and NBA2K19.

Later he changed his video content to prank videos, challenges, and vlogs. Snaggy Mo started doing challenge videos with interviews which became his trademark videos to gain high popularity.

Due to his confidence and genuinely funny videos, Snaggymo started to gain lots of social media followers from all over the world. Currently, he is most active on YouTube and Instagram.

Currently, he has just over 500,000 social media followers worldwide to date.

Snaggy Mo

Quick Bio

Real Name SnaggyMo
Nick Name N/A
Gender Male
Date of Birth born February 5, 2002
Birth Place USA
Age 18 years old
Birth Sign Aquarius
Nationality American
Profession YouTuber
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Net Worth $20,000

Early Life

Where was SnaggyMo born? SnaggyMo was born in the United States however, he has not revealed the exact location where he was born. Growing up, he was very talented in making videos and making people laugh as well.

He started his career when he first shared a video of playing NBA2k19 on his YouTube channel. Snaggy is currently on his school days regarding education but has not revealed the place where he has studied.

There is not much information regarding SnaggyMo and his childhood. He has not revealed his early childhood.


What is SnaggyMo famous for? Snaggy Mo started his career as YouTuber in 2019 when he uploaded his first NBA2k video. At first, he struggled to get good views and subscribers on his video.

But slowly he started to gain viewers from his comedy Fornite and NBA2K videos. After that, he started to make interviews video and added extra challenges to them. He started asking questions and added layers of options to them.

His first massive video gained 40,000 views which were titled “Last 10 minutes of Life What You Doing”. However, after that video, he got his views and subscribers very rapidly and quickly.

SnaggyMo’s most-watched video is titled “Can Pop Smoke Fans finish his Lyrics”. The video got over 1.4 million and was his only million views to date.

His other most-watched videos are titled “Finish The Rap or Get Punished”, ” I finally got linked with FlightReacts”, Ghetto High School Spelling Bee”.

Snaggy Mo

Personal Information

What is the height of SnaggyMo? SnaggyMo stands at the height of 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs about 40 kg. He has black color hair and black color eyes. His zodiac sign is Aquarius.

SnaggyMo is an American regarding nationality and he belongs to mixed ethnicity. He has not revealed his religion to date. SnaggyMo is really passionate and talented in making content for the video.

He is a charming personality and loves to use zingers and banters to make people laugh. Other than making videos, SnaggyMo also loves to travel, play soccer, and swimming.

He also loves to take interviews and make people laugh with his wittiness. SnaggyMo may come across as a rude and abhorrent kid but he is a very charming and honest kid.


Who is SnaggyMo dating now? SnaggyMo is currently single and is not dating anyone. He has kept a very low profile on if he is dating anyone to date. He is just 18 years old so he has quite a time to find his girlfriend but as of now, he is single.

SnaggyMo is probably busy on his career path of becoming a professional YouTuber and also totally focusing on her career.

Currently, SnaggyMo is single and is not engaged, married, or is too young to have a baby too.


SnaggyMo was raised by his parents however he has kept their identity really private and secretive. He does not want to reveal their identity in social media and YouTube videos.

SnaggyMo rarely shares any pictures on his social media and also never includes his family in his YouTube videos as well. Regarding siblings is the same case.

SnaggyMo also has not revealed if he has any siblings to date. He may be the only child or keeping the privacy of his brother or sister private and away from the internet.

Hence there is no genuine information on his family and their identity. It seems SnaggyMo does not want to reveal their identity so their information will only be available when he seems to be ready to share.


Net Worth

What is the net worth of SnaggyMo? SnaggyMo is the up-and-coming promising gaming YouTuber and content creator. He is one of the passionate and witty people on the internet.

He loves to play games, hang out with friends and have fun on the internet. With his career and passion, SnaggyMo has generated a lot of fans and lots of money.

His primary source of income is his earnings from social media and various paid subscriptions he has received from it. SnaggyMo also has earned a lot from brand deals and various sponsorship.

Currently, SnaggyMo has a net worth of approximately $20,000 as of 2021.

Snaggy Mo


  • SnaggyMo is an 18-year-old YouTuber and Gamer.
  • He has almost 170,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.
  • Snaggy started his journey to YouTube by playing Fortnite and NBA2K videos.
  • He started doing challenge videos of answering questions or get punished.
  • Currently, SnaggyMo has a net worth of approximately $20,000 as of 2021.




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