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SongByrd ASMR Wiki 2022: Age, Controversey, Net Worth, and Full Bio

Who is Songbyrd ASMR?

Chrystal Cackler (born 1992, December 7) is a YouTube star who is famous for the SongByrd ASMR YouTube channel. She is also known as Songbyrd ASMR in the YouTube industry.

Songbyrd often makes ASMR vlogs through mukbangs and eating sounds which has helped her to gain huge popularity. Many people find out her videos very cringy and also really disgusting which she gets often criticized.

However, She still has a decent fan following who loves her video and some even say her ASMR sounds are soothing and comforts from anxiety and depression.

Currently, Songbyrd ASMR has a massive social media fan following of over 500,000 worldwide.

Songbyrd ASMR

Today we will be discovering more about SongBryd’s bio, early life, career, net worth and many more interesting facts.

So, let’s get into it!!

Quick Bio

Real Name Chrystal Cackler
Nick Name SongByrd ASMR
Gender Female
Date of Birth born 1992, December 7
Birth Place USA
Age 29 years old
Birth Sign Sagittarius
Nationality American
Profession YouTuber
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Net Worth $500,000 Approximately

Early Life of SongBryd ASMR

Where and when was SongBryd ASMR born?

Songbyrd ASMR was born in the United States in December 7, 1992. She also launched her YouTube channel in January 2017. Crystal also shared that she had an eating disorder and how she overcame that.

Knowing she had an eating disorder and she makes ASMR videos of eating people often think that she needs a grip as that may often trigger her about her disorder.

Growing Up, Crystal had to suffer bullying and that impacted her mental health very much. Regarding education, She is very well educated but has not revealed the institution where she got her education from.Sogbryd asmr wearing cap


What is Songbryd ASMR so famous for?

The American YouTube personality is best known for her Songbyrd ASMR YouTube channel. She first started her channel in early 2017 and now she has over 268K YouTube subscribers as of May 2021.

Crystal usually posts videos of ASMR eating sounds which have earned her 24 million and growing views. She is also a very good singer. She has sung a lot of songs, we can see the videos on YouTube.

Songbyrd’s first video was titled “Mummy Son Mukbang” which got just over 100,000 views. After the general success of her first video, she continued to make Mukbang and ASMR eating videos.

Finally, Songbyrd ASMR got her most popular and most watched video which was titled “ASMR Mac and Cheese + Chicken Tenders”. The video became her most popular video with over 1 million views worldwide.

Currently, she is one of the most-watched YouTubers and has amassed over 265,000 subscribers on her official YouTube channel.

Now, let’s get to know your favourite YouTuber personally.

Personal Informationsongbyrd asmr wearing glasses

What is the height and weight of Songbyrd ASMR?

Songbyrd ASMR  stands at the height of 5 ft 6 inch tall and weighs about 82 kg. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Chrystal has brown color hair and her eyes color is also blue.

Talking about the nationality, Chrystal Cackler is an American and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Many people love her and her videos but few peoples don’t like her. There is a lot of posts where people have described the reason why they don’t like her.

Despite the controversy, she has a really large fan following from all around the world. Apart from YouTube and food, Songbyrd also likes to travel, read books, and have a very large passion for photography.

She and her husband constantly visit various different places for their vlogs and videos. Songbyrd is also passionate and interested in various different foods available.

Songbyrd ASMR


Some people usually think that she is fake and often controls her husband to do the things according to her in his YouTube videos. Many people have also said that she is a racist and homophobic.

She even said that the black lives matter and LGBTQ+ community are just drama and also misgendering one of her family members. She also made a YouTube video apologizing for the things she said but then she deleted it.

But the only thing she does is ignore and many of her subscribers stopped liking her because she doesn’t listen to them and usually delete the comment that discourages her.

While people often say bad things about her there are also lots of people who love and encourage her. Maybe that’s the reason she is quite successful.

Social Media

Songbyrd asmr taking selfie with her food

Chrystal Crackler is a famous American social media personality. She is kown through her YouTube videos.

On her official YouTube channel, She has more than 283k subscribers. She uploads her mukbang videos mostly.

Also, she has her own Instagram account where she posts various videos.

Chrystal has around 135k followers on Instagram. In addition, she has more than 70k followers on her TikTok account.

Relationship of SongByrd ASMR

Who is the husband of SongByrd ASMR?

Songbyrd ASMR is married to Charles Cackler. She often features him in her Instagram and YouTube videos. He also has his own YouTube channel with the name ‘Mr. Songbyrd has over 6.34K subscribers.

Songbyrd has not revealed when she met with her husband and how they fell in love. However, we can clearly see how amazing their chemistry is and are in love with each other.

Currently, Songbyrd is just happily married and also has one adorable son whom she features consistently on her videos and social media pictures.

However, she has not shared much about him which includes his name, age, and where he is getting an education. We can clearly understand why she would want to keep the information of her son private from media and the internet.

Songbyrd Asmr with her husband


Chrystal has a sister, who also makes ASMR videos on her own YouTube channel. According to some of our sources, she also has a brother but we don’t have any kind of information about him right now.

Her husband’s name is Charles Cackler. She usually features him in her Instagram and YouTube videos. Together, they have a son named Evan.

People think that her son is a too picky eater and they should seriously consider this habit of their son. People also think that this habit was developed because they eat a lot of fast foods.

Regarding her family, Songbyrd has not talked much about her parents and where they came from. She has not mentioned their name, career, or where they currently live as of now.

However, she has shared photos of them occasionally. Chrystal is also clearly hesitant to share much about her siblings and their identities.

Songbyrd ASMR and Her Son

Net Worth of SongByrd ASMR

How much does SongByrd ASMR earn?

Chrystal is a popular YouTube personality who is famous for her ASMR videos which she posts on her YouTube channel. She often posts mukbangs and ASMR of eating fast foods which is actually quite popular.

Songbyrd has a net worth estimated at $500 thousand overall. She earns such a good amount of money through her ASMR videos on her YouTube channel.

Trivia about SongByrd ASMR

Below down are some of the known and unknown facts about SongByrd ASMR:

  • Her real name is Chrystal Cackler.
  • SongByrd is a famous American YouTuber.
  • Songbird ASMR has 144K Instagram followers.
  • She often features her husband on her Instagram and YouTube videos.
  • Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.
  • In one of her videos, she also shared that how she overcame her eating disorder.
  • She received a lot of backlash from the people when she said that Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ are drama.
  • Songbyrd ASMR has also seen her audience on YouTube grow to more than 140, 000 subscribers.

FAQs about SongByrd ASMR

What is the real name of SongByrd ASMR?

The real name of SongByrd ASMR is Chrystal Cackler.

Who is SongByrd ASMR?

SongByrd is a YouTube star who is famous for the SongByrd ASMR YouTube channel.

How old is Chrystal Cackler?

As of 2022, Chrystal Crackler is 29 years old.

Who is SongByrd married to?

Songbyrd ASMR is married to Charles Cackler.

What is the net worth of SongByrd ASMR?

She has a net worth estimated at $500 thousand.


Check out the mukbang video of SongByrd ASMR from her YouTube channel:


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