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Steve King Wiki 2021 : Age, Height, Career, Ethnicity, Relationship, Spouse, NetWorth, Trivia, and Bio Details

Who is Steve King?

What is Steve King’s real name?

Steve King’s birth name is Steven Arnold King, is an American politician and businessman.

He is the U.S. representative from Lowa from 2003 to 2021 whereas he is the former representative of the fifth congressional district.

Now, King served as the representative of the Fourth congressional district.

However, Before landing in politics he has involved in business and environmental study.

Therefore, In 1996, He represents himself from the Iowa Senate in a Republication nomination.

As a result, he has won the primary and the general election and was reelected in 2000.

During his career period in politics, he is best known as an opponent of immigration and multiculturalism.

Therefore, Steve King has favored racist and anti-immigrant rhetoric and white nationalist affiliations.

Furthermore, King has always suffered from criticizing for being white nationalism and presenting unfavorable statements against statements.

Additionally, He also gives priority to European right-wing populists and extreme right populists whose decisions are based on a discrimination basis.

Steve King

Quick Bio

Real Name Steven Arnold King
Nick Name Steve King
Gender Male
Date of Birth May 28, 1949
Birth Place Strome Lake, Lowa, United state
Age 72 years old
Birth Sign Gemini
Nationality American
Profession Politician and Businessman
Hair Color Light brown
Eye Color Blue
Net Worth Base salary $218508

Early Life Of Steve King

Steve King

Steve King was born on May 28, 1949, in Strome Lake, Lowa, United State.

In addition, Steve King is the son of Mildred Lila and Emmett A. King.

Similarly, Talking about the profession of his parents is his mother is a homemaker whereas his father Emmett A. King is a state police dispatcher.

His father is from an Irish and German ethnicity whereas his mother Mildred Lila has belongs to the Welsh ethnicity.

Furthermore, Steve has complete his graduation from Denison Community in 1967.

After that, He has joined Northwest Missouri State University from 1967 to 1970.

On the contrary, He has not completed his study.

Following the year 1972 King get married and later convinced to three children.

From 1975, King began his career in business as he has founded King Construction, an earthmoving company.

Similarly, In 1980, He has founded another business named Kiron Business Association.

Steve King’s Career

Steve King

After being a renowned businessman he landed in politics in 1996 through Iowa’s 6th Senate district election.

Additionally, He has won the election as keeping behind Wayne Bennett and Democrat Eileen Heiden.

Again in 2000, He has reelected by Iowa State Senate against Democratic nominee Dennis Ryan.

Following his tenureship, he focused on public school education, Christianity pioneers, the establishment of free enterprise capitalism, and western civilization.

Furthermore, He is also the mastermind behind a law making English the official language of Iowa.

In 2002, King represent himself for Iowa’s 5th congressional district and own all the counties except Pottawattamie county.

Again, In 2004 He defeats Democratic candidate Joyce Schulte and won reelection.

However, this time he was unable to win the district Clarke among others.

Similarly, In 2006 and 2008, King won reelection to a third term defeating Democratic Candidates.

Whereas, In 2006 he won all the counties except Clarke and Union.

On the other hand, In 2008 King has won all the counties in the fourth term reelection.

Following 2010, King again won the fifth term reelection and succeed to won all 32 counties.

However, In 2012, Iowa was renumbered as the 4th district as a result King has to face many strong opponents.

On the contrary, King again won all counties in the sixth term reelection.

Again, In 2018, Democratic nominee J.D. Scholten has become the tough competition for King in the United States House of Representatives election in Iowa district 4.

Whereas, King has won the 2018 election too with a 50.4% vote.

Furthermore, In 2020, for the first time, King lost to his opponent Randy Feenstra with a significant margin.

Steve King

Political Positions

Undoubtedly, Steve King is one of the most dedicated and hardworking politician candidates

Similarly, King set his image as a conservative, religious, and against multiculturalism and immigration to America.

Therefore according to him, absorption should be banned whereas he appeared as the supporter of the simplification of guns.

In addition, He has to bear the hateful criticism because of the statement he has passed about killing a raccoon.

Again, most of the LGBT members and supporters disagree with king’s thoughts on LGBT events.

Furthermore, King has always stood with his statements he has against immigration permission.

Additionally, He has declared that to establish United State as the most powerful civilization it is necessary to ban immigration and multiculturalism.

Steve King’s Personal Details

Steve King

How tall is Steve King? and How much does Steve King weigh?

Steve King stands at the height of 5 ft 8″ (173 cm) whereas he weighs around 76 kg (169 lbs).

In addition, Steve king has blue-colored eyes along with light brown colored hair.

Steve with curious, ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas personality traits share the Gemini zodiac sign with the air component.

What is the current age of Steve King? and Which religion does he follow?

Additionally, the current age of Steve King is 72 years old as he celebrates his birthday on May 28, 1949.

He follows Christianity beliefs and values whereas he belongs to mixed ethnicity.

Relationship Info Of Steve King

Steve King

What is the relationship status of Steve King?

Additionally, In 1972 Steve King is married to Marilyn Kelly together they have three children.

Whereas, Talking about King’s three sons names are David, Michael, and Jeff.

Similarly, Jeff King among other children is involved in political activities like his father.

Furthermore, King has not revealed much information regarding his family.

However, the king’s wife Marilyn Kelly is a professional teacher.

NetWorth Of Steve King

Steve King

What is the estimated net worth of Steve King?

The estimated base salary of Steve King an American politician and Successful businessman is approximate, $218508 and ranked 440th out of 535 political representatives.

On the other hand, Steve has succeeded to gain most of the wealth from his business career.

However, there is no available report on the net worth collect from the business line.


  • Because of the unfavorable statements, King has to go through hateful criticism.
  • As a result, he has been named as an ambassador of intolerance by the public citizen and political candidates.
  • Following his wife King has changed his faith to Catholicism.
  • In addition, From 1997 to the present, King has attracted public attention because of his controversial statements.
  • During his tenure, King has always become a true challenge to the opponent representative.
  • Additionally, Steve King has 3145 followers on his official Instagram @stevekingia.
  • Whereas, He has followed 43 Instagram account.
  • Similarly, King has 104.7k followers on his Twitter account @Steve King.
  • And He has followed 288 Twitter account.

Steve King

Image Credit: @stevekingia


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