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Tay Scheider Wiki 2021: Age, Net Worth, Height, Full Bio

Who is Tay Scheider?

Tay Scheider (born 2002, November 2) is the famous TikTok star very popular for her lip-syncing and dancing videos. Despite getting a lot of criticism, she is loved and supported by a lot of people.

Tay Scheider Gif

Tay was raised by her mother despite the struggle of being a single mom. She liked makeup, hair dye and liked ladies accessories. After that Tay Scheider started doing TikTok and YouTube videos.

Currently, Tay Scheider has just over 2 million social media followers to date.

Tay Scheider Facts

Quick Bio

Real Name Tay Scheider
Nick Name Tay
Gender Female
Date of Birth born 2002, November 2
Birth Place Jacksonville, Florida
Age 18 years old
Birth Sign Capricorn
Nationality American
Profession Tiktok Star
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Net Worth $50,000


Early Life

Where was Tay Scheider born?

Tay Scheider was born in Jacksonville, Florida. As per some of our sources she was raised by her mother. Growing up Tay had to face a lot of struggles and hatred due to her personal choices.

However, her mother supported her every decision and motivated her to continue what she liked and what she wanted to do. Tay had a passion for makeup and dying her hair which later she turned into her career.

Tay Scheider


Why did Tay Scheider go viral?

Tay Scheider is a popular TikTok star and a YouTuber with more than 20K subscribers. She is very popular for her dancing videos, lip-syncing and creative skits of funny music videos.

Tay made a video of dying her hair four times a day which went viral and she gained a mass following on her YouTube channel and also in her other social media handles.

She continued to make videos despite a lot of awful comments and her fans and followers are increasing and supporting her through everything.

Tay started her career through TikTok. She started posting makeup videos, dancing videos, and accessories videos. First Tay was shy and hesitant to come in front of the camera, but when she started to gain more and more viewers she started posting more and gaining more followers.

Tay has a number of videos that have got more than 1 million views. Currently, Tay has over 1.7 million followers and similarly has over 74 million likes on her TikTok.

Tay Scheider

Personal Information

What is the height of Tay Scheider?

Tay stands at the height of 5ft. 3 inches tall and weighs around 53kg. Scheider’s hair color is black and she has brown color eyes. Tay’s zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Her nationality is American and she is white regarding her ethnicity. She loves cooking, dancing, traveling and doing makeup, and making videos. She even had her first tattoo when she was just 16.

Apart from making videos, Tay also loves to travel, blogging, and photography. She also likes to keep herself fit and healthy which is why she loves to go to the gym.


Who is Tay Scheider dating now?

We don’t have a lot of information about her dating life but currently, she is dating a boy named Matt Carter. They both have photos posted on each other’s social media handles.

Tay has not revealed how she met and when she met Matt. Both of them post lovely, romantic messages and adoring quotes about each other.

Currently, Tay and Matt are just in a relationship and have not revealed any plans of having an engagement, having a marriage, or having a child.

Tay has not revealed if she was involved in any other person other than Matt. Maybe she was single till she met Matt and fell in love with her. After that, she was not involved with any other person other than Matt.

Tay Scheider


We don’t have a lot of information on her family either. But we know that she was raised by her mother, Micelle Scheider.

Other than that we don’t have any information regarding her other family members. Tay has revealed her father left her when she was very little and she was raised by her mother alone.

Tay has not revealed any information regarding having any siblings. On her social media as well there are no pictures of her siblings. Maybe Tay Scheider is the only child of her parents.

We will try to update you as soon as possible if we got any information regarding her family.

Tay Scheider

Net Worth

What is the net worth of Tay Scheider?

Tay is a popular TikTok star with 1.7 million followers. Her primary source of income must be paid from her videos or sponsorship, brand deals, media ads, etc. Tay has also got brand deals from lots of make-up and accessories companies.

Despite the struggles and criticism Tay Scheider has become one of the most-watched and followed social media influencers of 2021. At this rate, she will continue to grow and get even bigger.

As of 2021, her net worth is estimated to be approximately around $30,000 to $50,000.


  • Tay got a tattoo when she was just 16.
  • She has over 85K Instagram followers.
  • Tay was raised by her mother.
  • She receives a lot of backlash from people but still creates videos that made people love her and support her.
  • One time she made a video dying her hair four times in a day which went viral.
  • Tay has 1.7 million followers on her TikTok.


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