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Tiny Texie Wiki 2021: Age, Height, TikTok, Relationship and Full Bio

Who is Tiny Texie?

Tiny Texie (born 25th January 1992) is a popular TikTok Star and Adult movie actress. She is famous due to her Kenny-Caffey Syndrome which makes her look like a child.

The TikTok start started her journey as a model and participated in various competitions. However, it is social media application called TikTok that gave her the platform to become famous.

Tiny Texie Gif

Texie started making dance and parody videos. She also made lip-syncing and parody comedic videos that made people fans.

Texie quickly started making a million fans from all around the world. She became a social media sensation in a short period of time.

Now Texie with her daughter still makes the TikTok video and gets millions of views. Currently, she has over 4 million followers on her TikTok account.

Tiny Texie Facts


Quick Bio

Real Name Texie
Nick Name Tiny Texie
Gender Female
Date of Birth born 25th January 1992
Birth Place Corpus, Christi, USA
Age 29 years old
Birth Sign Aquarius
Nationality American
Profession TikTok Star
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Net Worth $500,000

Early Life

Where was Tiny Texie born?

Tiny Texie was born in Corpus, Christi in the United States of America. When she was just a child she suffered from a unique syndrome called Kenney-Caffrey Syndrome.

The syndrome made her look like a child despite being an adult. Her career started as a model and beauty Pagent.

From 2015, Texie participated in various competitions and shows. Regarding her education, Tiny Texie has not revealed if she attended any school or the name of it.

However, judging by her upbringing and behavior she seems well educated.

Tiny Texie


Why was Tiny Texie famous?

Tiny Texie started becoming popular when she appeared in a beauty competition in 2015. Many people admired and were impressed with her confidence. People began to research her and her condition.

Texie was already starting to do TikTok videos in 2015 but when she started to become popular she started to work hard even more. Texie began to post dance videos and lip-syncing videos on her TikTok account.

Her TikTok account videos started to go viral. Texie amassed more and more fans and admirers who were so impressed by her and her confidence.

After the rise in her followers, Tiny Texie started to gain a million views on her TikTok videos regularly. Her most-watched video has over 9 million views which featured Texie, her mother, and her lovely daughter as well.

Extreme Love

Texie and her girlfriend Anastasia Graves were featured in the WETV reality show Extreme Love.

Extreme Love is the show in which they focus on unorthodox and exemplary couples that had to overcome their early struggles to be together and live happily.

The show first aired in 2020 which included Texie and Anastasia Graves.

Personal Information

What is the height of Tiny Texie?

Tiny Texie stands at the height of 5 ft 3 inches tall and weighs about 55 kg. Texie has black color eyes and brown color hair. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Texie is American regarding nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. She has not revealed her religion as of yet.

Despite suffering from an abnormal physical condition, Texie has shown she is very strong and determined to be successful. She liked beauty competitions and shows from an early age.

Apart from making TikTok videos, Texie loves dancing, traveling, and reading books. He also loves creating videos with her daughter.


Who is Tiny Texie dating now?

Tiny Texie is currently dating 21-year old makeup artist Anasthasia. The couple has posted lots of cute videos and pictures together.

Texie has not revealed how and when she meets Anasthasia and also how they fell in love. However, their complicated relationship can be viewed on YouTube titled “Extreme Love”.

Regarding her child, she has a lovely daughter who loves to make TikTok videos with her mom. Texie has not revealed the identity of her daughter including her name and age.

Mother and daughter have a lovely bond and her daughter even helps doing make-up on Texie. Texie, Anasthasia, and their daughter are short and sweet loving families.

Tiny Texie girlfriend Anastasia



Tiny Texie has not revealed anything relevant about her parents to date. She has kept the identity of her parents private from media and the internet. This is why no information can be found.

Similarly, there is no information about Texie’s sibling as well as she has not revealed if she has one.

Texie could be protecting their identity or she simply does not have any siblings at all this will be only known when Texie reveals it herself.

Tiny Texie with her daughter

Net Worth

Tiny Texie is a popular TikTok Star, model, and adult entertainer. She has over 4 million TikTok followers. Texie is also regarded as the Most Exoctic Short Entertainer in the adult industry world.

She mostly earns her money from social media especially TikTok as well as from modeling and her entertainment business. There is no information on how much she earns per week or month.

Currently, Tiny Texie has a net worth of approximately $500,000.

Tiny Texie


  • Tiny Texie was born in Corpus Christy, USA.
  • She has a rare bone syndrome called Kenney-Caffey Syndrome.
  • Texie is currently dating reality TV star and make-up artist Anasthasia Graves.
  • She also has a lovely daughter who makes Tiktok videos,
  • Anastasia and Texie can be seen on the reality TV show Extreme Love.
  • Tiny Texie has a net worth of approximately $500,000.


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